Helen’s year 2023

We updated our strategy and continued to make significant investments in a sustainable energy system. We decommissioned the Hanasaari power plant that served the residents of Helsinki for nearly 50 years, which resulted in a historic reduction in our emissions. We developed our digital services and introduced services that support our customers’ smart energy usage.

Annual Review 2023

Year of action

Helen Group's Annual Review and Financial Statements for the year 2023 have been published on our website. The Annual Review consists of the Annual Report and the Sustainability Report which complies with the requirements of the GRI standards.

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CEO Olli Sirkka:

“I started as Helen’s CEO in January 2023, at a time when the energy sector was undergoing extremely interesting changes. The share of renewable energy is growing rapidly as digital solutions and new opportunities in fields such as hydrogen and small modular nuclear reactors offer new ways to accelerate the green transition. We are witnessing a turning point where the old laws of consumption no longer apply and we are learning to live according to the Earth’s carrying capacity. Helen is transforming into a renewable and carbon neutral energy company. It is a revolutionary change towards a more sustainable world.”

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