Electricity offer: Suomisähkö for two years

Special offer on electricity for advance orders! Get favourably priced electricity and save €36 straight away. Your contract will start one month after the date of order at the earliest. If you move house, the contract can start with immediate effect.

Suomisähkö (Finland-Electricity) is a smart choice. The sale price of electricity is agreed for two years at a time. It will remain the same throughout the contract period even if the market price of electricity changes.

  • 100% CO2-free electricity*
  • Two-year fixed-term contract
  • The price includes electrical accident insurance for the whole family
  • An instant saving of €36. The contract has no basic charge for the first year. The basic charge for the second year is 3,00 €/month

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In a supplier switch, at the earliest 30 days from now.

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6. Wind power shares (Omatuuli)

You can get Omatuuli with a two-year fixed-term contract.

Omatuuli electricity is produced in the Lakiakangas wind farm. The output of one share is 100 W and estimated annual production 310 kWh.

1 share(s)

7. Terms of contract


Helen helps to make everyday life a little easier for over 500,000 customers in Finland. In addition to heat, cooling and electricity, we offer solutions for regional and renewable energy, smart buildings and electric transport. We are developing a smarter, carbon-neutral energy system that enables everyone to produce, use and save energy with respect for the environment. We aim to achieve 100% carbon neutrality in our energy production by 2030.



CO2-free means that no fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas, have been used in electricity generation. Carbon dioxide emissions are at a minimum level. The origin of CO2-free electricity sold by Helen is nuclear power, and it may also contain renewable energy sources to a varying degree.

Electricity sold by Helen Ltd to it's customers in 2019 consisted of the following energy sources: renewables 37 % , fossils 24 % and nuclear power 39 %.