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Due to the Ukrainian situation Helen will for the moment stop procuring coal from Russia

Due to the geopolitical situation, we have decided to stop for the moment procuring coal from Russia. In other respects, we as a company comply with the sanctions in force related to the Ukrainian crisis.


Helen further increases its wind power production with a new investment

Helen continues to invest in renewable energy and has, together with the Bank of Åland’s Wind Power Fund Non-UCITS, acquired Kalistanneva wind farm from the French independent green energy operator VALOREM.


Hesburger to introduce Helen’s high power chargers – EVs can now be charged while enjoying a hamburger

Hesburger and the energy company Helen are entering into a partnership in the charging of electric vehicles (EVs). In the first phase, charging stations owned by Helen will become available at a total of seven Hesburger restaurants. The partnership will expand later, with Helen’s charging points also being introduced at other Hesburger restaurants.


Helen’s wind power production to triple – Fortum and Helen join forces in building wind power in Ostrobothnia

Fortum and Helen are together investing in wind power. Two wind farms, Pjelax-Böle and Kristinestad Norr, will be built in the vicinity of Närpiö and Kristiinankaupunki. The project will triple Helen’s wind power production and, after the investment, Helen will produce up to one terawatt-hour of wind power per year. This amount corresponds to a quarter of electricity consumption in Helsinki.


Helen phases out coal more than five years ahead of schedule

Closing of the Salmisaari coal-fired power plant is a significant step for Finland towards achieving carbon neutrality.


Assessment of seawater heat recovery makes progress, joined by new alternatives and new partner

Helen is extending the ongoing assessment of seawater heat recovery by introducing a new strategic partner, Boost Brothers, in the project. The partnership aims to assess various alternatives for building a seawater heat recovery system and a heat pump plant planned for Salmisaari. The project supports Helen’s target of building a distributed city energy system where heat and electricity are produced in a carbon-neutral way from energy recovered from the ground, air, water and waste heat.


Helen and Horisont Energi enter cooperation for carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS)

The Finnish energy company Helen and the Norwegian clean energy company Horisont Energi have signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the areas of hydrogen economy and carbon storage. The companies are jointly exploring the capture of carbon dioxide from power plant flue gases and the utilisation, logistics and storage of the recovered carbon dioxide.


Helen’s district heat prices to level off by the summer

District heat has four price periods that are tied to the seasons. The total price of the district heat product in the winter and spring will remain close to the autumn 2021 price level and fall in the summer season of 2022. Helen has significantly softened the price impact to the customers resulting from the exceptionally high raw material prices and emission allowances, and it is expecting the upward pressure on prices to level off by the summer season 2022.


Helen’s Board investigates phasing out coal production in the Salmisaari power plant five years ahead of schedule

Helen’s Board of Directors has decided to launch an investigation on the possibility of bringing forward the phasing out of coal in energy production at the Salmisaari power plant by 1 April 2024 instead of the previous 2029. Therefore, Helen would completely give up the use of coal five years earlier than anticipated. A decision was also made to close down the Hanasaari power plant and cease production ahead of the original schedule, i.e. on 1 April 2023.


LakiakaLakiakangas 3 will increase Helen’s wind power production fivefoldngas 3 viisinkertaistaa Helenin tuulivoiman tuotannon

The construction work on the Lakiakangas 3 wind farm is making rapid progress. Currently, as many as seven wind turbines are producing clean wind power. By the end of January, all 20 wind turbines of the wind farm will be in production use.