Battery Yield

Battery Yield is a comprehensive service for large megawatt-scale electricity storages that maximizes the yield of the company's electricity storages.

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Comprehensive service for maximizing the yield of large megawatt-scale electricity storage

It's possible to get a return on electricity storage investments with Helen's new Battery Yield service, which is based on Helen's own flexible technology platform.

Battery Yield enables optimal yield for large megawatt-scale electricity storages in the electricity markets. The operation and trading of the electricity storage is reliably secured by Helen's Control Room 24/7. Trading can be transparently monitored through the Yritys Helen service.

Information about the service

  • With the Battery Yield service, Helen operates megawatt-scale electricity storages on behalf of the company and maximizes the yield of the electricity storages in the electricity markets. 
  • Helen's Control Room monitors and ensures the operational status and safe trading of the electricity storages 24/7.
  • Trading and its execution are fully automated on Helen's own trading platform, whose machine learning algorithms optimize the best possible yield for each day. The operation and yield of the electricity storages can be monitored through the Yritys Helen service.

Benefits and Advantages

  1. Maximizing yield in the electricity markets​
    Battery Yield's own trading platform's machine learning algorithms build the best possible yield for each day in the electricity markets.
  2. We ensure the operation of the electricity storage 24/7​
    The usability of the electricity storages in trading is ensured by remote monitoring, and problem-solving is carried out in cooperation with the company and its partners if necessary.
  3. Helen's own trading platform enables continuous development ​
    The trading platform of the Battery Yield service is the result of Helen's own development work, which is developed according to the company's needs. Helen constantly monitors the markets to develop trading to be even more productive.

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