Electricity portfolio

With the electricity portfolio, we help you to utilise the possibilities of the electricity market and to hedge against price risks in the most flexible way.


  • There may be strong fluctuations in the monthly electricity prices on the electricity exchange. Since the beginning of 2010, the lowest price in any month has been €14/MWh and the highest €94/MWh. However, you can hedge against price fluctuations with derivatives, which are traded on the derivatives market of the electricity exchange or on the OTC market.
  • The electricity portfolio offers the most diverse alternatives for buying electricity. In the product, the favourably priced moments are utilised and hedgings are diversified, which will reduce the price risk.
  • We design for your company a suitable procurement strategy that will be implemented and updated by our portfolio managers together with your company.
  • You will have a designated contact person and a portfolio manager who regularly report to your company about the success of the procurement strategy.


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  Electricity Portfolio is suitable for your company if you use a lot of electricity and want to utilise the opportunities of the electricity market

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