Domino contract

You will reduce and diversify the price risk of electricity procurement when Helen buys you electricity from the electricity exchange at suitable intervals.

About the contract

  • Domino is a flexible contract that enables the utilisation of fluctuations in market prices and offers an electricity price that is as predictable and stable as possible in the long term.
  • This product is a choice for those who do not want derivatives but still want to hedge their electricity price in a similar way.
  • The Domino contract guarantees market-priced electricity and also a profit if the ratio between the purchase price and the market price is favourable.

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Who is this product suitable for?

  • You consume 10–100 GWh of electricity per year.
  • You are an industrial, commercial or property business.
  • You may need to add or remove electricity metering points to your contract at a later date.
  • Your electricity use is very predictable.

Why Helen?

  • Best customer experience in the field
  • Sustainably low prices
  • Monitoring and reporting of the electricity consumption of all of your company’s metering points in almost real time

Origin of electricity

Learn about the origin and specific emissions of all electricity sold by us.

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