Electricity storage

With electricity storage, you will gain the best advantage of the energy you have produced yourself while safeguarding the supply of electricity in all situations. 

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Why store electricity?

  • Benefit from self-sufficiency. If your property generates electricity, say, with solar panels, an electricity storage facility helps to effectively utilise all of the generated electricity. The benefit arises when you don’t need to sell the electricity you produce into the network.
  • Guarantee the security of supply. Operates automatically as uninterrupted backup power in the event of a power cut. In longer outages, the electricity storage facility allows time to start up the reserve power.
  • Save in electricity distribution fees. An electricity storage facility helps to balance out electricity consumption and remove harmful reactive power, thus reducing electricity distribution costs.

Further benefits from joint use

By taking part in joint use, you can earn from your electricity storage when you are not using it yourself.

Joint use means that Helen controls the electricity storage facility to support the electricity network when your property cannot utilise it. We share the added value with you, and together we pave the way to increase renewable energy production in Finland.

Logistics centre
Profit per year €6,000
Size of electricity storage facility 100 kWh

Shopping centre
Profit per year €60,000
Size of electricity storage facility 1,000 kWh

Data centre
Profit per year €120,000
Size of electricity storage facility 2,000 kWh

How to start the cooperation?

Helen’s service model guarantees fluent and easy cooperation. You will receive a perfect solution reliably from one place, from surveying to installation and maintenance. We can provide the equipment without investment as part of the solar power plant delivery. We also implement electricity storage facilities in joint ownership with our customers.


Get in touch and we can find out the best electricity storage solution for you.


The contract on the cooperation is drawn up with the most suitable model.

Delivery and installation

We deliver and install the electricity storage facility according to the contract.


We carry out safe commissioning of the electricity storage facility in your property. We also investigate the possibilities of joint use at the same time.


Helen takes care of the functioning of the electricity storage facility throughout the contract period. We also pay the agreed annual compensation for any joint use.