Solar energy from Finland’s largest solar power plants

If it is not possible to build a solar power plant in your own property, the sun can also be harnessed for the use of your company by reserving a share in Helen’s solar power plant.

Easy way to utilise solar energy

The acquisition of a power plant share is particularly suitable in a situation where a company wants to take part in the utilisation of solar energy but, for example, for technical reasons the roof of the company building is not suitable for solar power.

Helen currently has its own solar power plants in Suvilahti, Kivikko and Pasila. In the Power Plant Share service, we reserve a specified number of solar panels for your company, and the solar power generated by these panels will be refunded on the electricity bills.

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Solar power plant as a service

  • A solar power plant owned by Helen is implemented at your property.
  • Easy to set up without investment.
  • No maintenance charges.
  • You only pay for the electricity generated by the power plant.
  • Helen buys the surplus solar power generated by the plant.


Own solar power plant

  • We implement in your property a solar power plant owned by your company.        
  • The plant’s production reduces the amount of electricity purchased from the network.         
  • You company saves in the electricity distribution fees and electricity tax.
  • Also available with financing without a large initial investment.


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