Salmisaari power plant

At the Salmisaari combined heat and power (CHP) plant, the share of renewable energy is increased by burning wood pellets together with coal.

A pellet reception, storage and feeding system was built at the power plant for mixed combustion. Flue gas cleaning at the plant has been improved further by enhancing the efficiency of desulphurisation and by installing a catalyst representing the best available technology to remove nitrogen oxides from flue gases.

Wood pellets are used to replace coal in the Salmisaari power plants.

  • What: heat and electricity
  • What from: coal and wood pellets
  • Where: Porkkalankatu 9–11
  • When: 1984
  • How much: electricity 160 MW, heat 300 MW
  • Who: Power Plant Manager Jarmo Hagström, +358 9 617 3410


Salmisaari Power Plant

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