Helsingin Energia is now Helen

We produce energy for this country and its people.

More and more energy is created from wood, water, wind and the sun. It is generated by people, housing and living. It is captured and recycled.

Our unique combined production of electricity, district heat and district cooling has been awarded as the most efficient city energy solution in the world. Our aim is to produce energy totally without carbon dioxide emissions.

We want to carry on offering you the best city energy in the world also in the future.

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We provide worlds finest urban energy

Frequently asked questions

The City Council decided on the incorporation of the Helsingin Energia concern in summer 2014. At the same time, it was decided that the new name of the company will be Helen Ltd. The change is based on the amendment to the Local Government Act which, in practice, requires that all public utilities operating in the competitive market must become limited liability companies. 

The change of company form and name will have no impact on our services, operations or places of business. We will still serve our customers in Sähkötalo in Kamppi, online and by telephone.

The change will be seen as a change of our company name, and our corporate image will also be updated. 

Helen Ltd will be fully owned by the City of Helsinki. As the sole owner, the City will also be the only recipient of dividends.  

Efficient: Energy efficiency and energy saving are the most effective ways of mitigating climate change. As our customer, you will receive efficiently produced energy and, if you wish, we can advise you in energy saving.

Solar energy: We use district cooling to utilise the heat produced in properties and process it into district heat. We also build solar power plants and sell solar power systems to our customers.

Smart: All our customers have remotely read meters, which means that you can monitor your own electricity consumption in real time with our Sävel services. This will also enable demand response and acting as disturbance reserve in the future.

Storable: Storability of energy will grow in the future when more and more weather-dependent energy will be produced. We are already storing great volumes of heat and cold. We are also testing large-scale electricity storage in Kalasatama.

Eco-friendly: Most of the time, the urban air quality is at least at a good level. Our energy generation only accounts for a few per cent of air emissions. Efficient cogeneration minimises emissions that are harmful to health.

Award-winning: Our energy solutions are valued highly both at home and abroad. We have won a number of international energy awards: the latest of these is the esteemed environmental prize Global District Energy Climate Award in the category of large systems.