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New landmark on Lahdenväylä: Viikin Keltakoipi

The new electricity substation completed at Viikinmäki ensures excellent security or supply for electricity distribution in Helsinki. The investment is also in preparation for the increasing power


New solar power plant to Kivikko in Helsinki

Almost 3,000 solar panels will be built in the Helsinki district of Kivikko. These panels will fill an area of about one hectare on the roof of the Kivikko Ski Hall.


Urban allotment returns to Hanasaari power plant

The extremely popular urban allotment at Hanasaari is returning. This year, there will be more planting boxes available, one hundred in all.


Helen donates 30,000 euros to summer events and projects

During the summer, Helen Ltd will donate EUR 3,000 to ten events or projects that promote positive energy in one way or another.


Helen’s interim report for 1 January – 31 March 2015

The Helen Group met its financial targets in the early part of the year and achieved a good result although district heat revenues were down due to the mild winter. Helen continued to invest in


Helen receives the Oscar of the energy sector

Helen Ltd’s combined district heating and cooling solution has won the esteemed Global District Energy Climate Award. The award ceremony was held in Tallinn, Estonia on 27 April 2015.


Energy Bonus for Pihkapuisto Elementary School

The pupils of Pihkapuisto Elementary School inspire the whole school to take part in monitoring energy consumption. The school also has plans for energy spying. The school was awarded Helen’s Energy


Construction of Hanasaari pellet system starts

The foundation work on the pellet system in the Hanasaari power plant has started. A pellet system is being built at the power plant to replace part of the coal used with wood pellets.


Against climate change with Korkeasaari

Helen and Korkeasaari joined forces. Even though their functions are different, a challenge shared by both organisations is climate change. For arctic animals, the effects of climate change are


Helen’s EIA on biofuels is best of the year due to strong interaction

Helen Ltd’s environmental impact assessment on increasing the use of biofuels in Helsinki has received the Finnish EIA Award 2015. The environmental impact assessment was related to Helen’s


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