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Helen and Elisa to heat homes in Helsinki with waste heat from a data centre

The recovery of waste heat and the utilisation of carbon-neutral heat increase energy self-sufficiency and enable the heating of thousand homes in the Helsinki region.


Consumers are interested in monitoring their own energy usage – use of Oma Helen service growing strongly

Our customers’ interest in monitoring their own energy usage has grown significantly as energy-related issues and energy-saving recommendations hit the headlines in the summer. This can be seen, for example, in the increased number of users of the Oma Helen service, which was launched in 2020. By the beginning of August, as many as 270,000 of our customers had started using the service where they can monitor their energy usage even down to the hourly level, and the numbers are growing


New service, Yritys Helen, offers information about energy consumption even down to the hourly level

Helen is developing comprehensive digital services for customers. The services make it easier for customers to deal with their energy matters and provide new understanding of energy consumption. Helen has launched Yritys Helen, a new digital service for business and housing company customers. It enables monitoring of a property’s energy consumption even at the hourly level over the previous three years


Helen and LämpöYkkönen to set up joint venture focusing on geothermal heating and heat pump solutions

Helen Ltd is making a significant investment in the heat pump markets by setting up a joint venture with LämpöYkkönen Oy, focusing on geothermal and heat pump solutions. In the joint venture, the two leading experts in their field will combine their know-how to provide customers with energy-efficient and carbon-neutral heating and cooling solutions in Helsinki and other parts of Finland. Setting up the joint venture and its related arrangements are still subject to the approval of the Finnish


Helen to become alliance partners together with YIT and ACCIONA in seawater heat recovery project

Helen has selected YIT and ACCIONA, a Spanish developer of sustainable infrastructure solutions, as alliance partners for a tunnel system in a seawater heat recovery project in Salmisaari, Helsinki. The work will start with a two-year development phase, for which a contract will be signed.


Helen and Equinix extend successful cooperation to distribute more waste heat from data centers to properties in Helsinki

Both companies extend their world-leading collaboration, capturing renewable waste heat from data centers in Viikinmäki and Suvilahti and redistributing to homes in Helsinki.


Helen increases its solar energy production at a rapid pace – the first utility-scale solar farm to be built in Nurmijärvi during the summer

We want to point the way ahead in the energy transition and meet electrifying society’s need to boost energy self-sufficiency with emission-free energy production. Solar farms, which are still uncommon in Finland, will be an important component in the electricity production mix. Helen’s first solar farm will be built in Nurmijärvi during the summer, and there are similar projects in the pipeline for the near future.


Helen builds an energy platform of the future and develops a digital twin of the district heating network with Gradyent

Increasing real-time data on the operation of the heating network is one part of the transition to distributed energy production.


More electricity produced with wind power to Helen from Suomen Hyötytuuli’s new wind farm

Helen’s electricity produced with wind power increases even further as Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy has made an investment decision to build Oosinselkä wind farm in Pori and its neighboring municipality Eurajoki. Oy Mankala Ab, a subsidiary owned by Helen, is one of the shareholders of Hytötytuuli and Mankala’s share of Oosinselkä wind farm is 25%.


Myllypuro Ice Sports Centre to serve as source of district heat – waste heat recovered to keep Helsinki residents' homes warm

Myllypuron jääurheilukeskus Oy has signed a letter of intent with Helen Ltd. The other project partners, Caverion and YIT, have been involved in planning the project since 2019. An important facet of the project is the ingenious utilisation of waste heat, combined with responsible environmental planning and design of buildings. At its best, the ice sports centre will no longer be just carbon-neutral, but it will create a carbon handprint by also generating energy for the surrounding urban


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