Environmental responsibility

We aim for a climate-neutral energy system by year 2050.

Environmental responsibility

Reduction of environmental impacts is an important part of our activities. Climate change mitigation plays a significant role in the planning of our future energy solutions and in our future investments, whereas the reduction of other environmental impacts is part of our daily routines and development of operations.

Climate-neutral energy is one of the focus areas of our strategy, which was updated in 2016. Climate-neutral energy production means production that does not increase the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We will meet our targets with diverse measures of various sizes, driven by customer needs. We want to be a forerunner in sustainable energy systems.

We reduce carbon dioxide emissions

  • by investing in the production of renewable energy,
  • by utilising new technology to reduce emissions,
  • through partnerships and growth in emission-free energy production,
  • by improving energy efficiency, and
  • by developing emissions-reducing solutions together with our customers.


Our intermediate target is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 per cent and to increase the share of renewable energy to 20 per cent. We will reach the targets by mid-2020s when the substitute production of the Hanasaari power plant has been built.

Carbon dioxide emissions

 Mt CO2
actual 2016 3.3
target 2020 2.7

Renewable energy

actual 2016 10
target 2020 20

In 2016, the share of energy produced with renewable energy sources increased to 10 per cent. Hydropower constitutes the majority of renewable energy. We also generate renewable energy with heat pumps, wood pellets, wind power and solar energy.

The carbon dioxide emissions of our fossil energy production in 2016 amounted to about 3.3 million tonnes. Emissions grew by 12 per cent on the previous year because more coal was used in energy production than before. This was due to changes in the energy market, which have resulted in higher profitability of energy produced with coal compared with natural gas.