Environmental responsibility

Our long-term goal is climate-neutral energy production.

Environmental responsibility

Reduction of environmental impacts is an important part of our activities. Climate change mitigation plays a significant role in the planning of our future energy solutions and in our future investments, while the reduction of other environmental impacts is part of our daily routines and development of operations.

Climate-neutral energy is one of the focus areas of our strategy. Climate-neutral energy production means production that does not increase the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

A major climate challenge of a global scale cannot be resolved with an individual technology or deed, but several methods and everyone's input are needed to mitigate climate change. Especially the role of city residents and customers is growing.

Helen's five solutions for a climate-neutral energy future

The role of citizens is growing.

The residents also become energy producers with the increase of solar and electricity storage solutions and various hybrid heating systems. In 2017, we launched several new services for companies and households, including a new solar power plant concept and services for demand response and battery storage.

Excess heat is recovered more efficiently.

In the future, energy is not wasted, but it is recycled as far as possible. In 2017, we set a new production record in the Katri Vala heat pump plant that processes excess heat. We were also building the Esplanade heating and cooling plant, which will be used for recovering and reutilising the surplus heat of our customers. The plant is due for completion in spring 2018.

Flexibility is needed.

As a result of the significant increase of intermittent solar and wind power in the electricity market, various flexibilities in both the production and use of energy are needed. In 2017, we investigated the implementation of rock cavern heat storage facilities and developed services related to electricity and heat demand response and battery storage.

Moving from fossil fuels to X economy via bioeconomy.

Bioeconomy is an intermediate stage in the process of moving from fossil fuels to climate-neutral production. In 2017, we focused particularly on replacing hard coal with biomass: we built the Salmisaari wood pellet heating plant and planned new bioenergy heating plants.

Research, development, education and innovations are invested in.

We are involved in several research projects and trials. In 2017, we invested especially in the speeding up of the service development process, carried on cooperation in various communities for growth companies, and took part in several development projects, such as the mySMARTlife and SysFlex projects.