We want to involve city residents, customers and partners in the creation of a carbon-neutral future.

city residents, customers and partners

In addition to the environment, our operations have an impact on many groups of people. Heat and electricity enable us to live in the cold North, power plants alter the landscape, the energy network zigzagging in the city must be maintained and repaired, and fuel has to be transported. Many people are interested in energy production, and it even provokes passions.

Our aim is to tell about our operations and to openly discuss the impacts they have on the environment and society together with our stakeholders. We present our operations with, e.g. power plant visits and in various meetings in addition to our customer magazines and website. In autumn 2016, the open day at the Salmisaari power plant attracted hundreds of visitors interested in energy production.

In order to operate responsibly, we must know our stakeholders and their expectations. We probe the views of our stakeholders with surveys and meetings. We also receive a lot of feedback, which helps us to develop our operations. We focus our stakeholder interaction especially on topical themes and stakeholders that are interested in us.


In 2016, our stakeholders were especially interested in the sustainability and future prospects of bioenergy. We conducted an expert study on the subject and discussed it in a customer debate.

The number of readers of the Uutta voimaa (new power) blog (in Finnish) published for interaction purposes remained at the previous level. The blog follows the progress of Helen’s development projects.


During the year, we gathered proposals and ideas from our stakeholders in order to develop our operations.

In spring 2016, we liaised with our stakeholders in the debate of the role of energy companies in consumer advice and the development of responsible products. In autumn 2016, stakeholder representatives commented and developed our Heat Pledge campaign. Towards the end of the year, we engaged our current and potential new partners in the development of innovation activities.