We want to involve city residents, customers and partners in the creation of a carbon-neutral future.

city residents, customers and partners

In addition to the environment, our operations have an impact on many groups of people. Heat and electricity enable us to live in the cold North, power plants alter the landscape, the energy network zigzagging the city must be maintained and repaired, and fuel has to be transported. Many people are interested in energy production, and it even provokes passions.

Our aim is to tell about our operations and to openly discuss the impacts they have on the environment and society together with our stakeholders. We present our operations with, e.g. power plant visits and in various meetings in addition to our customer magazines and website.

In order to operate responsibly, we must know our stakeholders and their expectations. We probe the views of our stakeholders with surveys and meetings. We also receive a lot of feedback, which helps us to develop our operations. We focus our stakeholder interaction especially on topical themes and stakeholders that are interested in us.

In 2017 we received positive feedback: Based on the Sustainable Brand Index survey, we are the most responsible brand among energy companies. The Sustainable Brand Index is the most extensive brand survey on sustainability in the Nordic countries, capturing the citizens' views of the sustainability of companies. Helen jumped five places with the overall ranking being 28 (33 in 2016).

Debate on energy storage facilities and heat pumps

The topics of discussion among our stakeholders in 2017 included, e.g. increasing renewable energy, the sustainability of bioenergy, and fishways.

We held discussion forums for our stakeholders concerning the role of heat pumps in the energy system in Helsinki and the possibilities offered by energy storage. We will continue organising discussion forums also in 2018.