Excellent customer service

Taking care of the security of energy supply, developing future energy solutions and having an uncomplicated service attitude form the basis of our operations.

Our aim is to provide even more comprehensive energy-related services and to offer more extensive packages tailored to the needs of our customers. In 2018, the number of our customers continued to rise and is now more than 450,000. During the year, we continued to develop sales and customer service through all channels.

Excellent service

High security of supply

Maintaining a high security of supply is extremely important to us. We take account of the security of supply in the planning, operation and maintenance of energy production and distribution systems.

The security of energy supply remained at an excellent level. In 2018, the annual outage time for our electricity distribution customers was 4.9 minutes.

In July, the network of Helen Electricity Network Ltd in Katajanokka in Helsinki had an exceptionally long power cut, lasting about 12 hours. It was due to an exceptional situation in the Helsinki electricity network when two simultaneous faults occurred in the medium-voltage network. We paid the standard compensation to the customers due to the power cut in accordance with the Electricity Market Act.

According to Finnish Energy’s statistics on power outages in the entire country, electricity distribution was interrupted for an average of 25 minutes per electricity user living in an urban area in 2017.

At 2.3 hours, the average outage time for district heat customers remained at the previous level. In the entire country, the average customer-specific district heat outage time was 1.6 hours in 2017 according to Finnish Energy’s statistics on district heating outages. The outage time in district cooling was longer as there were more repair works. There were also more new-build properties in challenging locations connected to the network. We aim to minimise any disadvantage to the customers by carrying out the outages at night time.

Security of electricity supply

  Annual outage time for customers, minutes
2014 2.4
2015 4.1
2016 1.9
2017 3.3
2018 4.9


Security of heat and cooling supply in Helsinki

  Annual outage time for district heating customers, hours Annual outage time for district cooling customers, hours
2014 2.8 2.2
2015 2.2 1.3
2016 2.2 0.3
2017 2.3 0.5
2018 2.2 0.9


We aim to provide the best customer service experience in the industry. According to the annual international and impartial EPSI Rating survey, we have succeeded well in our customer service. Customer satisfaction in the entire sector fell slightly in 2018. Helen’s result was just above the sector average.

Customer satisfaction, EPSI Rating index 
Source: EPSI Rating Finland 2018

  Helen ltd Energy sector
2014 78.5 74.0
2015 77.7 76.0
2016 76.9 75.7
2017 78.8 78.9
2018 77.8 77.6


We measure the satisfaction of our customers and the reputation of our company on an annual basis. In 2018, we carried out an extensive customer survey amongst our private customers, according to which 84 per cent of our electricity customers and 82 per cent of our district heat customers are extremely satisfied or satisfied with our services. Helen also has an excellent image among its own customers. More than 90 per cent regard Helen as more reliable and responsible than energy companies in general. There is also room for improvement: customers wish for, e.g. more competitive prices.

Based on the survey aimed at our business customers, customer satisfaction is at a good level. Business customers regard Helen as a reliable operator. Responding to customer’s growing expectations and development of reporting services were highlighted as areas for further development.


We develop products and services that reduce consumption, balance consumption peaks and cut down carbon dioxide emissions in response to our customers’ needs. Customers are given the opportunity to take part in and influence product development and to improve their user experiences.

In 2018, we launched several new services for both companies and households.

We launched the smart heat distribution centre, which saves energy and reduces the customers’ heating costs. The new service entity for housing companies with a monthly fee covers the upgrade of the heat distribution centre, equipment maintenance and repairs, and optimisation of the indoor conditions in the building.

We published the open district heat service where customers can sell the heat they produce to Helen. In the service, which is especially aimed at industrial operators, we buy heat that is suitable for utilisation as such in the district heating network.

We were the first company in Finland to launch on the market a producer package designed for domestic customers, including photovoltaic panels and an electricity accumulator. With the electricity accumulator, a microgenerator will gain greater benefits from their photovoltaic panels while becoming part of Helen’s virtual power plant and smart electricity market through the demand response system.

We also implemented a research and development project related to heat demand response together with the housing company Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy (Heka). Helen provides a new service for the metering and reporting of indoor temperatures and humidity in Heka homes. The service will enable improved energy efficiency in residential apartment blocks in a cost-effective and easy way.

We also developed our service provision in electric traffic. We offer housing companies a solution for charging electric vehicles, from planning to installation and maintenance. We launched a remote survey that shows the housing company’s capacity for installing electric vehicle charging points.