Excellent service

Taking care of the security of energy supply, developing future energy solutions and having an uncomplicated service attitude form the basis of our operations.

Excellent service


We aim to provide the best customer service experience in the industry. According to the annual international and impartial EPSI rating, we have succeeded in our customer service. In 2016, customer satisfaction in the energy sector remained at the previous level. Helen’s result fell slightly, but remained above the average level in the energy sector.

Customer satisfaction of private customers, EPSI Rating -index
Source: EPSI Rating Finland 2016 (in Finnish)

 Helen LtdEnergy sector
2012 74.7 72.3
2013 75.6 73.8
2014 78.5 74.0
2015 77.7 76.0
2016 76.9 75.7

The satisfaction of our corporate electricity customers remained at the same, high level. According to the customer survey, Helen was regarded as a particularly reliable, high-quality service provider.


We develop products and services that reduce consumption, balance consumption peaks and cut down carbon dioxide emissions while meeting our customers’ needs. Customers are given the opportunity to take part in and influence product development and to improve their user experiences. 

In 2016, we launched the Enne service to encourage energy saving, the Environmental Electricity product aimed at our consumer customers, and the renewable district heat product for our corporate customers. We also developed a new service model for solar power production in properties. In the model, customers can acquire a share in Helen’s solar power production instead of having a separate solar power plant installed in their property.

We develop our services together with our partners. We have developed a new cooperation model to expand the electric vehicle charging network by bringing private charging points as part of the public charging network. At the end of 2016, Helen’s charging network included 41 charging points. We also launched electric vehicle charging packages with a monthly fee, bringing more choice to the drivers of electric vehicles.


Maintaining a high security of supply is extremely important to us. We take account of the security of supply in the planning, operation and maintenance of energy production and distribution systems. 

The security of energy supply remained at the excellent level. In 2016, the annual outage time for our electricity distribution customers reduced to 1.9 minutes. Never before have there been so few power cuts in Helsinki. 

In 2014, in the whole of Finland, electricity distribution was interrupted for an average of 10 minutes per electricity user living in a town, according to Finnish Energy’s statistics on power outages. 

District heat outage time remained at the 2015 level. The average outage time for a district heating customer fell to 0.3 hours. The reduction in the outage time was due to, e.g. the fact that we were able to implement new connections mainly without operating outages.

Security of electricity supply

 Annual outage time for customers, minutes
2012 2.2
2013 3.4
2014 2.4
2015 4.1
2016 1.9

Security of heat and cooling supply

 Annual outage time for district heating customers, hoursAnnual outage time for district cooling customers, hours
2012 2.2 1.4
2013 2.6 1.9
2014 2.8 2.2
2015 2.2 1.3
2016 2.2 0.3