Excellent service

Taking care of the security of energy supply, developing future energy solutions and having an uncomplicated service attitude form the basis of our operations.

Our aim is to provide even more comprehensive energy-related services and to offer more extensive packages tailored to the needs of our customers. In 2017, the amount of customers increased to over 400,000. We continued to develop all of our sales and customer service channels. 

Excellent service

High security of supply

Maintaining a high security of supply is extremely important to us. We take account of the security of supply in the planning, operation and maintenance of energy production and distribution systems.

The security of energy supply remained at an excellent level. In 2017, the annual outage time for our electricity distribution customers was 3.3 minutes.

According to Finnish Energy’s statistics on power outages, electricity distribution was interrupted for an average of 28 minutes per electricity user living in urban areas in 2016.

The average outage time for district heat and district cooling customers remained at the previous level.

Security of electricity supply

 Annual outage time for customers, minutes
2013 3.4
2014 2.4
2015 4.1
2016 1.9
2017 3.3


Security of heat and cooling supply

 Annual outage time for district heating customers, hoursAnnual outage time for district cooling customers, hours
2013 2.6 1.9
2014 2.8 2.2
2015 2.2 1.3
2016 2.2 0.3
2017 2.3 0.5

Satisfied customers

We aim to provide the best customer service experience in the industry. According to the annual international and impartial EPSI Rating survey, we have succeeded well in our customer service. Customer satisfaction in the entire sector rose to a record level in 2017. Helen also reached the highest level of the past five years.


Customer satisfaction, EPSI Rating index 
Source: EPSI Rating Finland 2017

 Helen LtdEnergy sector
2013 75.6 73.8
2014 78.5 74.0
2015 77.7 76.0
2016 76.9 75.7
2017 78.8 78.9


We measure the satisfaction of our customer and the reputation of our company on an annual basis. In 2017, we carried out an extensive customer survey amongst our private customers, according to which 84 per cent of our electricity customers and 83 per cent of our district heating customers are extremely satisfied or satisfied with our services. Helen also has an excellent image among its own customers. For example, 92 per cent of our customers regard Helen as more responsible than energy companies in general, and 95 per cent consider Helen to be more reliable than energy companies in general. According to the survey, we still have room for improvement in communications related to electricity products and prices.

Based on the survey, the level of customer satisfaction among our business customers has risen considerably. The perception of Helen offering favourable prices has also increased. Responding to the growing expectations of customers became an area for further development.

New products and services

We develop products and services that reduce consumption, balance consumption peaks and cut down carbon dioxide emissions in response to our customers’ needs. Customers are given the opportunity to take part in and influence product development and to improve their user experiences.

In 2017, we launched several new services for both companies and households.

We launched a new kind of solar power plant concept aimed at companies, where business customers gain all the benefits of their own solar energy without having to make capital investments. Helen takes care of the implementation, financing and maintenance of the plant. We built solar power plants based on this concept in different parts of the country. We also published a solar calculator based on open data. The objective is to offer suitable solutions and indicative calculations about the benefits of solar electricity in an easy way to customers who are interested in solar power.

We launched a demand response service for companies and households. In our Demand Response service, a company is part of a virtual power plant with a task of balancing Finland’s power grid. The regulated power loads and back-up power generators of the virtual power plant are controlled during national grid disturbances or shortage of electricity. In practice, the customers agree to instantaneously fine-tune their consumption. Demand Response enables improved security of supply in the electricity network and an increased share of variable renewable energy.

We were the first company in Finland to launch an electricity storage service aimed at companies. When the customer does not need the full capacity of its electricity storage facility, we can purchase the surplus operating time and make it available in the electricity market. We also prepared a storage service aimed at consumer customers.