Responsible employer

At Helen, we carry out meaningful work: we take care of our customers' energy needs and develop more sustainable energy system.


We employ directly about 930 professionals in tasks related to the sale, development, distribution, production and maintenance of electricity, heat and cooling. In 2018, the number of employees fell on the previous year due to business efficiency measures and retirement.

Our human resource management is based on Helen’s values and responsible operating principles.

The main principles of our human resource management are:

  • Equality and non-discrimination
  • Goal-oriented and responsible leadership and management
  • Personnel planning that implements our strategy
  • Incentive and fair remuneration and rewarding
  • Development of expertise and engagement
  • Inspiring and innovative working community
  • Healthy and safe workplace

Personnel by function group, Helen Ltd and Helen Electricity Network Ltd 31.12.2018

Management 15
Expert 54
Operational 31

Number of employees, Helen Ltd and Helen Electricity Network Ltd

2014 1234
2015 1172
2016 1122
2017 996
2018 936

The energy sector is undergoing major changes, which also has an impact on management and the personnel. These changes will continue to take place, and we aim to prepare for them as early as possible, taking into account particularly the impact on human resources. We always process changes together with personnel representatives.


The skills and wellbeing of our staff are important to us.

Due to Helen’s diverse activities, it is possible to develop personal skills in various tasks through training courses, online learning, on-the-job training, and coaching. We also aim to promote internal mobility and career prospects with a wide scope, for example, by improving and expanding one’s competence.

In accordance with Helen’s strategy, we invested in the development of leadership and managerial work. In 2018, we implemented the 360-degree appraisal with all managers. The overall result of the appraisal, the leadership index, showed considerable improvement and was significantly better than peer group scores in Finland. Development was shown in all of the evaluated leadership areas.


We aim for a zero-accident workplace where everyone is involved in maintaining and improving occupational safety.

We reduce the number of occupational accidents and aim to remove accident risks, e.g. with good induction training, risk assessment of tasks and an active and positive attitude towards occupational health and safety among all employees. At our sites, we take care of the occupational safety of every employee, also our contractors.

In 2018, the frequency of occupational accidents improved on the previous year. At Helen Ltd, the frequency of occupational accidents resulting in absence of at least one day was 5.8 accidents per one million working hours. At Helen Electricity Network Ltd, the frequency of occupational accidents was 5.0.

Frequency of occupational accidents at Helen Ltd

  Accidents/mill. working hours
2014 9.2
2015 4.8
2016 8.2
2017 8.2
2018 5.8
Target 4.0

We encourage our employees to report hazardous situations and near-misses in order to prevent occupational accidents. In 2018, the number of various safety observations reported was 1,400. We invested especially in reducing the observation processing times, but fell slightly short of our target. In 2019, we aim for 1,500 safety observation reports.

Safety observations at Helen Ltd

2015 1505.0
2016 1575.0
2017 1865.0
2018 1400.0
Target 2000.0

Processing of safety observation within the time limit at Helen Ltd

2015 88
2016 88
2017 95
2018 90
Target 95


The promotion of equality and non-discrimination is part of our everyday activities. In an equal workplace, diverse competence, experience and various qualities and skills are utilised extensively.

The purpose of our equality and non-discrimination plan is to ensure the impartial and fair treatment of our employees, taking individuality and diversity into account. We monitor the implementation of equality, e.g. with staff statistics and personnel surveys, and with a pay survey carried out every other year.

During 2018 the share of women among all employees increased by one percentage point.

Gender distribution by function group 31.12.2018, % Helen Ltd and Helen Electricity Ltd

  Man Woman
Management (144 people) 83 17
Experts (507 people) 67 33
Operational (285 people) 71 29
All employees (936 people) 70 30



We want to ensure the availability of competent employees also in the future by raising the attractiveness of the energy sector and Helen as a workplace. We carry on cooperation with students and educational establishments. We organise excursions to our power plants for students of technology and recruit students as summer employees and trainees.