We want to involve citizens, customers and partners to interact and do things together with us.

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A visible part of Helsinki

Our power plants and energy distribution network are a visible, and sometimes also invisible, part of Helsinki. We take the urban environment into account in the planning of new sites and in the landscaping of old ones.

The latest electricity substation of Helen Electricity Network is located in Suvilahti. The substation is surrounded by a graffiti fence open to everyone, due to which the appearance of the substation is a constantly changing work of art. It is hoped that the legal graffiti wall will reduce graffiti vandalism elsewhere in the Suvilahti area.

Thousands of power distribution cabinets are an important part of the electricity distribution network. Improvement of distribution cabinets with street art livens up the urban landscape and reduces vandalism. In 2020, we continued the project of painting the distribution cabinets together with various stakeholders. We implemented 7 painting projects, and we also granted permits for painting individual cabinets. We implemented almost 140 art cabinets, with a total number being more than 600.

Joining forces with the citizens

We engage citizens in the planning of the energy future.

We develop our worksites in order to improve the experience of customers and citizens. In 2020, we implemented a customer-oriented worksite development project by means of service design. We invited citizens to take part in focus groups in order to gain a deeper understanding of the inconvenience caused by worksites to citizens and the communicative needs. We also organised an expert workshop for the developers and contractors of Helen and Helen Electricity Network. The outcome of the workshop was a communications manual with guidelines for instructions and signage of worksites. The worksite manual for Helen’s heating and cooling network worksites was updated in autumn 2020.

The City of Helsinki employed quality controllers for street works, who went round all street works in Helsinki twice over the course of the summer. The quality controllers found that cooperation with Helen was productive. In their opinion, Helen’s worksites were already at a higher level than others, and we received positive feedback on excellent worksite signs. Based on the feedback, the worksites are developed even further.

Learning about the enrgy sector in Yrityskylä

Since 2012, we have been involved in the Yrityskylä, which is part of the youth programme of the Economic Information Office. Yrityskylä is an innovative education programme for 6th graders to learn about society, economics and working life. Yrityskylä Helsinki-Vantaa reaches about 8,000 children from Helsinki, Vantaa, Kerava and Pornainen each year.

In Yrityskylä, all pupils have their own professional task, which they will manage all day. In the Helen work area, the children learn about the role of an energy enterprise in society and about energy saving. The objective is that the pupils will get an insight of the basic pillars of a sustainable society and see the significance of distribution and use of services and recycling as part of economic activity.

The coronavirus situation had an impact on the operation of Yrityskylä so that some of the society days were implemented as Yrityskylä at School concept. Yrityskylä at School acts as continuation of the Yrityskylä learning material that the pupils used during lessons.

We encourage energy saving

We help our customers to save energy.

During 2020, we provided information about energy, its sensible use and the energy sector to about 1,200 people at our Energy Gallery and at power plants. During the coronavirus pandemic, the Energy Gallery was closed and no outside visitors were received at the power plants. During the period, we implemented virtual visits for about 400 people (a total of 4,700 visits in 2019).

In future, we will focus on providing energy advice especially through the customer magazine and electronic channels. A good example of the new kind of approach is the My2050 climate game, with which we continued cooperation. Aimed especially at young people, the adventure game is a new and inspiring way to learn about climate change and the future it will shape. We are also planning a virtual excursion.

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Our operations have an impact on many people. We want to create and maintain an open dialogue with our stakeholders.

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