We work among people. We develop new solutions for increasingly clean energy production and sustainable consumption. We all share responsibility: it is developed together with our customers and partners, and it has an impact on the whole of society.

Vastuullisuus Helenissä

Responsibility at Helen

We aim to be the most responsible operator in the market. In order to achieve this, we need to respond to the demands of our stakeholders. 

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Environmental responsibility

Reduction of environmental impacts is an important part of our activities. Our long-term target is a climate-neutral energy system by year 2050.

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Ympäristövastuu Helenissä



Our operations affect many people, and many people take an interest in our operations. Heat and electricity enable us to live in the cold North, power plants alter the landscape, the energy network zigzagging the city must be maintained and repaired, and fuel has to be transported. We have over 1,100 direct employees.

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Financial responsibility

Financial responsibility is a basic requirement for our operations. With our operations, we create value for our customers and for society, as well as for our owner, the City of Helsinki.

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Key responsibility themes

During 2016, we selected the key responsibility themes for Helen on the basis of the stakeholders’ wishes and expectations and Helen’s competitiveness impact.


Theme Objective
Climate neutral energy  We aim for a climate-neutral energy system by year 2050. 
Origin and sustainability of energy We know the origin of the energy we produce, as well as its environmental impacts for its entire lifecycle. 
Excellent customer experience We offer the best customer experience in the sector.
Economic sustainability We increase the market share of the current main products and expand the sale of new energy solutions and services. We are improving the efficiency of our operations to ensure the competitiveness of our services and continuity of our operations.
Open communication and interaction Our actions and messages are consistent, building genuine thought leadership and responsibility.