Responsibility Management

Our task is to produce the world’s best city energy for our customers and the environment. 

Responsible management

We aim to be the most responsible operator in the energy market. Responsible operations require that we meet the demands of our stakeholders. Customers, Helsinki residents and other interest groups demand, for example, reliable and competitive energy production and reduction of emissions.

In order to meet the demands of our stakeholders, we are developing new solutions for increasingly cleaner energy production and more sustainable consumption. We all share responsibility: it is developed together with our customers and partners, and it has an impact on the whole of society.


Management of corporate social responsibility is based on Helen’s strategy and values, its corporate governance and the Group’s policies and their complementary operating principles.

We published our new strategy in 2016. Our strategic targets for 2016–2020 are sharing in success, growth, climate-neutral energy, improved profitability, and responsibility as a competitive edge. 

In addition to its strategy and values, Helen’s corporate responsibility is directed especially by its environmental policy and ethical operating principles.

Our corporate responsibility is coordinated by the Sustainability and Public Affairs group. Practical responsibility work is carried out within the business areas and service functions.

Targets related to the environment and responsibility are part of Helen’s common meters. We monitor the implementation of these targets on a monthly basis in Helen’s management group and in the management groups of the business units and service functions.

We carry out practical responsibility and environmental management with the aid of operating systems and environmental guidelines. Helen’s electricity generation and the production and distribution of heating and cooling are certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard. Helen Electricity Network Ltd uses an integrated operating system that complies with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. We reduce the environmental impacts of our offices with the Green Office programme audited by WWF. In addition to our headquarters, two of our offices have the Green Office label.

Responsibility is also linked to risk management. Risk management for us means a systematic and predictive way of identifying, analysing and managing uncertainties related to our activities. In the Helen Group, risk management is directed by the risk management policy, which describes the targets, procedures, responsibilities and reporting related to risk management. We have identified and assessed the key risks and uncertainties in our operating environment.


We implement our targets according to our values. Our values tell us how to achieve our goals.

Responsibility for sustainable development
Our ways of operation mitigate climate change, are environmentally sound and promote the wellbeing of people and the success of companies. 

Skills and courage to succeed
We boldly seek and utilise new ideas and ways of operation to promote Helen’s success. We are the customer’s top choice as a responsible and reliable energy company that develops new solutions.

Openness and mutual trust
We expand and share our expertise in order to promote Helen’s targets and goals. We are open to development ideas. 



Flue gas emissions constitute the greatest environmental impacts of energy production. We are reducing the environmental impacts of all our operations. We use the ISO 14001 environmental management system in energy generation and distribution and the Green Office environmental programme in office premises.


We openly discuss with our stakeholders the impacts of our operations on the environment and society. Our objective is to have exemplary conduct and a good environmental image. All our employees are involved in our environmental work and committed to our environmental targets.


We take energy efficiency into account throughout the energy chain. We are increasing the efficiency of energy generation and distribution and advise our customers in sensible use of energy.