CEO Juha-Pekka Weckström: Helen is committed to Helsinki’s ambitious climate targets of carbon neutrality in 2030 and zero emissions in 2040

The City of Helsinki today published the Mayor’s proposal for the new City Strategy. For Helen and the City of Helsinki, the ambitious climate targets mean an opportunity to set an example in the mitigation of climate change and to act as a global forerunner.


Kaukolämmön syyskauden 2021 hinta nousee

The energy price of district heat in the autumn season will be EUR 66.63/MWh (0% VAT) and EUR 82.62/MWh (incl. 24% VAT) as from 1 October 2021.


Construction of geothermal heating plant under way in Ruskeasuo, Helsinki, drilling of heat well to begin in September

The drilling of Helsinki's first medium-depth geothermal well is set to start in Ruskeasuo at the beginning of September. The Ruskeasuo geothermal plant will serve as Helen's pilot site, where drilling technology and other technical solutions for new geothermal sites are tested and developed.


Art distribution cabinets bring people together and brighten Helsinki's street scene

For 20 years now, Helen has given hundreds of city dwellers the opportunity to paint electrical distribution cabinets, more commonly known as art distribution cabinets. This summer, Helen's own employees got to make art distribution cabinets for the first time, as we wanted to offer them a safe way to spend time together in the midst of the coronavirus.


Unusually hot summer boosted cooling requirement to record readings

In June-July, several temperature records were broken in Finland, which has also been reflected in the record-high demand for cooling. In Helsinki, the energy company Helen offers a cooling service, and in July the highest cooling demand ever was recorded at 160MW. Despite the heat, the cooled properties have allowed people to enjoy cool indoor temperatures.


Investments in carbon neutrality are becoming a reality: Hanasaari power plant to close earlier than predicted, emissions have already fallen significantly

Helen’s net sales continued to grow strongly, but the result was still depressed by increased costs of emission allowances, fuels and energy procurement. Significant change projects and projects in carbon-neutral production progressed as planned, as a result of which it will be possible to close the Hanasaari coal-fired power plant almost two years earlier than anticipated.


Speed of energy transition accelerating ‒Helen looks into reaching the carbon neutrality target in 2030, five years ahead of schedule

Helen’s net sales continued to grow strongly, but the result was still depressed by the sharply risen costs of energy procurement and emission allowances. The increased cost level also has a significant impact on the customers’ energy prices. Major change projects and projects in carbon-neutral production progressed as planned, promoting increased production of economically sensible, emission-free energy. The number of electricity contracts of households and small business customers continues to


Meadow roof in Munkkisaari brings colourful meadow flowers into the city

The meadow roof project on the roof of the Munkkisaari heating plant was launched in May 2020. Now, the meadow roof displays an array of plants, attracting an abundance of pollinators. The meadow plants also bring joy to the local residents and passers-by.


Helen invests in its largest electricity storage facility that helps to safeguard the entire Nordic energy system

Helen is investing in an electricity storage facility to be built in connection with the Lakiakangas 3 wind farm. The output of the facility will be 5 MW and its energy capacity 10 MW. Corresponding to about 200 electric vehicle batteries, the storage facility will be only the second one to be located in connection with a wind farm, and in terms of its energy capacity it is among the largest in the country. The electricity storage facility is scheduled to start operations at the end of next


Helen pays increasing attention to sustainability in solar panel production and materials

The entire sector must pay increasing attention to the sustainability of solar panel production and materials on the global scale. Sustainability is important to Helen, and therefore Helen knows its own solar panel manufacturers, places of manufacture and the procurement chain. Helen’s solar panels are manufactured in China in areas that are not located in the Uyghur region.