Direct marketing practices

It is important to us that our customers find our marketing interesting and useful. Through direct marketing, we reach potential customers and tell them and our current customers about new offers and services.

General information about direct marketing

Direct marketing is advertising that can be done traditionally or electronically. Traditional direct marketing is advertising through phone calls or sent by letter. Electronic direct marketing is, for example, advertising sent by e-mail or text message.

Traditional direct marketing does not require the customer's prior consent and is permitted if the customer has not specifically prohibited it. Electronic direct marketing can be based on two processing grounds: the customer’s consent and/or the company’s legitimate interest.

Direct marketing at Helen

Helen only sends a reasonable number of direct marketing messages that we believe may be of interest to you.

Depending on the content of the communications, Helen's communications are not always direct marketing. Messages may also be sent to customers for non-marketing purposes. For example, through customer communication, we keep our customers informed about the products and services related to their customer relationship, as well as the terms of the contract and price changes. Such communication cannot be prohibited by the customer.

Direct marketing to consumer customers (based on consent)

We only target electronic direct marketing to customers and other private persons who have given their prior consent.

Consent is collected by ticking a checkbox that the customer accepts the processing of their personal data for electronic direct marketing purposes. We ask for consent, for example, when you buy a new product or service, register to Helen's online services (Oma Helen), participate in a lottery or competition. You can at any time withdraw your consent. You can also check the permissions and prohibitions related to direct marketing by calling our customer service.

Direct marketing to business and organisation customers (based on Helen’s legitimate interest)

Electronic direct marketing to business and organisation customers is based on Helen's legitimate interest. In other words, Helen can send an e-mail to an individual employee working in a company and/or an organisation based on his/her position without consent in situations where the marketed product or service is related to his/her job duties or area of responsibility. Even in these situations, such person always has the right to refuse direct marketing.

The customer's right to object to the use of their personal data for direct marketing purposes

The customer has the right to refuse to receive electronic direct marketing, in which case we will no longer send direct marketing messages.

We will inform you about the right to prohibit direct marketing in connection with every direct marketing message.

You can prohibit Helen’s direct marketing:

  1. by using the unsubscribe link in the e-mail,
  2. by logging into the Oma Helen app and unchecking the direct marketing checkbox on the My details – Customer info tab,
  3. by logging into Oma Helen through browser and unchecking the direct marketing checkbox on the customer information tab under the “Contact information and direct marketing” page,
  4. by notifying our customer service of the prohibition or
  5. by notifying the direct marketing restriction service ( applies only to telemarketing).

You can read about Helen's processing of personal data in general here.