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Our Customer service is closed on Wednesdays in October 2022. We are open on other weekdays 9-17.​ In urgent matters, e.g. moving house or new electricity contract, please use our online services or call 09 617 8020 24/7.​ You can find answers to frequently asked questions in the article Topical news on electricity.


Exchange Electricity customers have reduced their energy consumption significantly

The energy transition and the common concern about sufficient electricity supplies have made Helen’s Exchange Electricity customers turn ideas into action. Our customers who have signed up for Exchange Electricity reduced their energy consumption by 15 per cent while the consumption of customers with a fixed-priced electricity contract remained unchanged. The most important tool for those wishing to save energy is the Oma Helen service where you can monitor your electricity consumption even down


Significant increase in costs impacts the price of district heat – announcement of prices until next spring provides transparency

Due to a considerable rise in the cost of raw materials resulting from Russia’s war of aggression, Helen will change the price of district heat over the next three price periods. 


Helen and Elisa to heat homes in Helsinki with waste heat from a data centre

The recovery of waste heat and the utilisation of carbon-neutral heat increase energy self-sufficiency and enable the heating of thousand homes in the Helsinki region.


Consumers are interested in monitoring their own energy usage – use of Oma Helen service growing strongly

Our customers’ interest in monitoring their own energy usage has grown significantly as energy-related issues and energy-saving recommendations hit the headlines in the summer. This can be seen, for example, in the increased number of users of the Oma Helen service, which was launched in 2020. By the beginning of August, as many as 270,000 of our customers had started using the service where they can monitor their energy usage even down to the hourly level, and the numbers are growing


Current issues in August: what is happening in the electricity market?

The situation in the electricity market has given rise to a wide debate in recent times. Last autumn, the prices of the Nordic power exchange rose significantly. The same trend has also continued this year: the prices have more than doubled since the beginning of the year. 


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