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Power line connection in East Helsinki

The network companies in the Helsinki region and Fingrid Oyj are planning to reinforce the electricity network in East Helsinki. 

Electricity supply in eastern Helsinki is reinforced

The network will be reinforced by connecting the Vuosaari B power plant to Länsisalmi in Vantaa with a 400 kV (kilovolt) power line. The objective is to replace the current 110 kV power line of Helen Sähköverkko Oy with a 400 kV line. The construction of a six-kilometre power line as underground cable is investigated as another alternative.

The development solution will enable subsequent substation expansions in eastern Helsinki.

Environmental impact assessment completed

The environmental impact assessment on the project describes the construction of the different alternatives, the key impacts on people, the environment and land use, and the mitigation of harmful impacts.

According to the assessment report, overhead line poles that are higher than the present ones will have some harmful visual impacts, e.g. on the cultural landscape of Västerkulla.

The construction work on the cable alternatives is estimated to cause moderate disturbance to traffic and farming. The nature impacts of the overhead line, on the other hand, are estimated to be smaller than those of an underground cable as the majority of construction will take place in the existing line area. In the cable alternative, the line area is slightly wider and the area required for temporary work totals 12–17 metres. The cable alternative is also estimated to be over 10 times more expensive than the corresponding overhead line. The project is scheduled to be implemented in about 2015.

Further information about the EIA procedure and the power line project is available from the websites of Fingrid Oyj and Helsingin Energia, as well as on the EIA pages of the Environmental Administration and the project pages of the Uusimaa Regional Environment Centre.

Further information is available from:

Hannu Ylönen, Senior Adviser, Fingrid Oyj, tel. 030 395 5259
Markku Hyvärinen, Unit Head, Helen Sähköverkko Oy, tel. 09 617 2418
Kari Vehmainen, Development Manager, Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot Oy, tel. 09 829 0314

Implemented by:

Local distribution system operators Helen Sähköverkko Oy and Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot Oy, as well as Fingrid Oyj, which is responsible for grid development.