Solar energy where the sun don’t shine

The sun does shine from time to time even in the North – and when it does, we make the most of it in electricity and heat production. That is one reason why our energy solution has been awarded as the most efficient in the world.

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Where the sun don´t shine exactly?

Why solar energy is better than gas?

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Solar energy to your home

You can produce solar energy yourself, too. In a detached home it is easy – just install solar panels onto your own roof. In a block of flats it is even easier because you can get your own designated panel at the solar plant we are currently building.

To a block of flats or terraced house

Get solar electricity to your home from major solar power plants in Helsinki.Order only in Finnish at the moment.

Own designated panel

To a detached house

Your own solar panels can produce a large proportion of the electricity you need, from spring until autumn.

Solar panels to your home

Solar energy for a business

Energy production with solar panels is self-sufficient, safe and eco-friendly. For example, we installed 101 solar panels on the roof of Otavamedia offices.

Solar panels on the roof

The renewable energy generated by the solar power system on the roof of your offices can be used by the property itself.

Solar panels to offices

Otava and 101 panels

We installed 101 solar panels on the roof of Otavamedia offices. In two months the panels have produced electricity to match the annual consumption of one detached home. 

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Solar energy in the city

The energy of the sun is utilised with new kind of energy solutions. We capture the heat produced by buildings and test solar heat, e.g. in Östersundom.

Solar heat recovery

Between June and August 2014, we collected the annual heating need of some 20,000 new apartments.

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New kind of energy solutions

Over 80 % of the energy consumed by the Sakarinmäki school is now produced with renewable energy. 

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