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Solar power plants

We built the first major solar power plant in Suvilahti. The second one will be completed in the Kivikko district of Helsinki spring of 2016. The solar power plants have a total of 4,000 solar panels.

A total of


customers have already claimed their own designated panels.

Order your own designated panel at the solar power plant

  • You will get solar electricity from your own panel
  • You can monitor production in real time
  • The yield of the panels is credited directly to your electricity bill

The Kivikko power plant still has some panels available. Ordering only in Finnish at the moment.

Order your own designated panel

Monitor the production of the solar power plant

The graph shows the production volumes of the Suvilahti solar power plant this year. You can also follow the production of the solar power plant in real time.

Production of Suvilahti

April 27291
May 44262
June 41732
July 42771
August 44465
September 20043