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Helen invests in its largest electricity storage facility that helps to safeguard the entire Nordic energy system

Helen is investing in an electricity storage facility to be built in connection with the Lakiakangas 3 wind farm. The output of the facility will be 5 MW and its energy capacity 10 MW. Corresponding to about 200 electric vehicle batteries, the storage facility will be only the second one to be located in connection with a wind farm, and in terms of its energy capacity it is among the largest in the country. The electricity storage facility is scheduled to start operations at the end of next


Helen pays increasing attention to sustainability in solar panel production and materials

The entire sector must pay increasing attention to the sustainability of solar panel production and materials on the global scale. Sustainability is important to Helen, and therefore Helen knows its own solar panel manufacturers, places of manufacture and the procurement chain. Helen’s solar panels are manufactured in China in areas that are not located in the Uyghur region.


Three high-schoolers who intruded the matriculation examination system are recruited to assess the information security of the Helen’s app

Earlier in the spring, three young people discovered serious vulnerabilities in the Abitti system, which is used in the matriculation examination. They have now been recruited by Fraktal, the cyber security provider of Helen. The three youngsters now have the task of studying the information security of the Oma Helen app during the summer.


60,000 tubs of summer ice-cream from the sun! Ice cream factory 3 Friends joined the solar panel boom that shows as a huge spike in Helen’s sales figures

The Finnish business world is undergoing a big boom in solar panels. According to the energy company Helen, it has delivered three times as many solar power plants to businesses in the first half of this year than last year in total. The ice cream factory 3 Friends intends to produce 500 litres of ice cream a day with solar energy by the end of summer.


Helen increases emission-free electricity generation

Helen is increasing its share of nuclear power produced in Olkiluoto. Helen’s subsidiary Oy Mankala Ab is purchasing the shares of Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO), which are owned by the Loiste Group. In future, Helen will have more emission-free electricity as a result of the share transaction with the Loiste Group.


Helen to upgrade energy networks in Runeberginkatu – advance notice of temporary traffic arrangements

Helen is starting extensive street works in Runeberginkatu in relation to the energy networks. Due to the worksite, there will be significant temporary traffic arrangements in Runeberginkatu between Hietaniemenkatu and Arkadiankatu. The worksite will start on 1 July and it will last until early September.


Helsinki to close the Hanasaari power plant almost two years ahead of schedule – coal store to be removed from the streetscape

The Hanasaari coal-fired power plant will cease operations by 1 April 2023. The decision has a significant impact on the carbon footprint of Helsinki and the entire country.


EV charging now available at Satamaparkkitalo parking facility during sea voyage with 18 charging points from Helen

Charging of electric vehicles is now possible also during a boat trip. Eighteen new electric vehicle charging points have been installed in the Satamaparkkitalo parking facility at the West Harbour in Helsinki. The new charging points are part of the 730 parking spaces of the multi-storey car park, mostly serving the sea passengers of West Harbour, but also local businesses and residents, as well as motorists visiting the area. The charging points have been supplied by the energy company Helen


The people of Helsinki have spoken: No to congestion charges, strong will to set a climate example both as individuals and as a city – here are the results of the Helen Municipal Decision-Maker Test

Helen applied the Municipal Decision-Maker Test , which amassed 1,436 respondents from Helsinki, to find out the kind of municipal decision-makers the Helsinki people would make with regard to energy and climate issues. The respondents would encourage individuals to make sustainable consumption choices, oppose congestion charges, and make Helsinki a role model in the fight against climate change.


Environmental impact assessment of seawater heat recovery project has started

Helen has carried out a feasibility study on various alternatives of utilising seawater as a source of heat for industrial-scale heat pumps in Helsinki. The project is now progressing to the environmental impact assessment stage. In June, a public presentation meeting on the project will be held as a webinar.


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