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Helen Ventures supercharges its team with three new investors

The transformation of the energy sector provides new opportunities. Investing in startups arises from Helen's strategic goals. Helen Ventures is now augmenting its investment team.


Helen speeds up coal substitution

As a step towards a carbon-neutral future, Helen is building a bioenergy heating plant in Vuosaari, which will utilise unique energy efficiency and reuse the waste heat from flue gases in an unprecedented way. Bringing the commissioning of the bioenergy plant forward by a year permits partial discontinuation of coal use even sooner than expected. The investment is estimated to have no impact on the price of district heating.


Korkeasaari now heated with zero emissions - Helen’s Recycled Heat reduces climate load by the equivalent of driving 5 million kilometres a year

From now on, Korkeasaari Zoo will be heated by Helen’s Recycled Heat, which is a totally emission-free form of heat production recycled from waste heat. On swapping to Helen's carbon-neutral district heating, the annual 617-tonne carbon emissions created by heating Korkeasaari will fall to zero. The figure is equivalent to the annual emissions of almost 400 cars, i.e. driving about five million kilometres.


Study: 53 per cent of Helsinki residents would choose green district heat – only a few know that it’s available to anyone

According to a study commissioned by the energy company Helen, Helsinki residents do not know that they can have an impact on the way their homes are heated. There is low awareness among the respondents that they can have a say in choosing the form of heat production for their homes: this freedom of choice is clear to only 7 per cent. At the same time, more than half of the respondents would definitely or probably switch their current district heat to an eco-friendly alternative if the cost of


New electric vehicle charging points to be installed at sports centres in Helsinki

Helen will deliver 33 new electric vehicle charging points to eight locations in connection with ice halls in Helsinki and the venues of Urheiluhallit Oy. The 58 new charging points installed by Helen at 20 locations in the city centre of Helsinki during the autumn are also now up and running. This brings the total number of public charging points in Helsinki to more than 150.


New price period for district heat begins and energy fee for district heat decreases

The energy fee for district heat for the spring season will decrease from the same period last year by 12.7%. The energy fee for the period 1 March – 30 April 2020 will be 62.19 e/MWh (including VAT 24%)


Helen strengthens customer experience and service design – Mikko Koivisto to head operations

Mikko Koivisto, Master of Arts (Art and Design), has been appointed as Helen’s Head of Customer Experience and Service Design. Koivisto will be responsible for Helen’s development of customer experience and service design.


Progress in Kilpilahti excess heat project – could supply quarter of the district heating demand of the Helsinki region

In 2019, Neste and Borealis, both operating in Kilpilahti, Porvoo, the southern coast of Finland, conducted a preliminary study together with energy companies in the Helsinki Metropolitan area. The preliminary study examined the utilization of excess heat from Kilpilahti production plants in the production of district heating. The excess heat project will now proceed to the feasibility study phase. According to preliminary estimates, the implementation of the project would cost EUR 700–1,000


Planning of City Refinery is making progress – project is boosted by decision on MEAE aid

The planning of the City Refinery, a joint venture by Helen, Lassila & Tikanoja and VTT, is making progress. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEAE) has granted energy aid to Helen for the City Refinery project where renewable raw materials can be processed from non-recyclable materials and utilised in the transport and materials sectors. The City Refinery is planned for Vuosaari.  


Helen Ltd and Suomen Kaasuenergia Oy launch a joint construction project on Mannerheimintie on 4 December 2019

Over the coming winter, Helen Ltd and Suomen Kaasuenergia Oy are building new extensions to the district cooling and natural gas network in the Ruskeasuo area at the north end of Mannerheimintie, between 116 Mannerheimintie - Ruskontie - Nauvontie.


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