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Finland’s largest solar power plant starts operations

Finland’s largest solar power plant started operations today in the Kivikko district of Helsinki. Owned by Helen Ltd, the solar power plant has almost 3,000 solar panels, and its estimated annual production corresponds to the annual consumption of about 350 one-bedroom apartments.


Record production levels with Helen’s heat pumps

A record amount of district heat in the Helsinki region, 422,000 MWh, was produced in 2015 at the world's largest heating and cooling plant. A total of 13% more useful energy was recovered than in 2014.


District heat water flow fee will rise, the energy fee will fall

The district heat water flow fee will rise by 5.7% as from 1 May 2016. The average impact of the change in the water flow fee on the total price of district heat is 1.4%.


Helen’s annual report and report on social responsibility published

The Helen Group’s annual report has been published. The report describes year 2015, which was the first year of operation of the Group’s parent company Helen Ltd. The operations of Helen Ltd started on 1 January 2015 when it took over the business operations of the Helsingin Energia public utility.


Finland’s largest solar power plant is near completion

The solar panels for Finland’s largest solar power plant are currently installed on the roof of the Kivikko ski hall. The solar power plant constructed by Helen will be completed this spring.


Helen’s first year of operation – a year of renewal

CEO Pekka Manninen:At Helen, 2015 was a year of renewal. The old name, Helsingin Energia, was now part of history after Helen Ltd started operations on 1 January 2015.  The change of name and appearance made our renewal visible to the outside, too.


Emissions in Helsinki have reduced significantly

Helen has made substantial investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy and technology that reduces local emissions. The results are seen as a fall in emissions: in five years, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions have decreased by almost 40% and carbon dioxide emissions by 22%.


Green Net Finland network of members is growing – Helen Ltd joins as a member

The Green Net Finland network of members is growing as a significant development actor in the energy sector, Helen Ltd, joins as a member.  Helen Ltd is one of Finland’s largest energy groups, and its energy production has been awarded as the most efficient in the world.


Smouldering at the Salmisaari power plant

Flue gases were detected in connection with cleaning work carried out at Helen’s Salmisaari desulphurisation plant on Monday morning. The fire brigade was also called, and the matter was investigated together with the fire personnel. However, no fire was detected.


Renewable energy targets reached at Sakarinmäki school

The heating system based on renewable energy, used in Helen’s pilot project at the Sakarinmäki school complex, has met all expectations. In the first year of operation, geothermal heat accounted for 79 per cent and solar heat 3 per cent of the system.


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