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Steam blowing at the Salmisaari power plant result in vapour clouds and temporary noise impacts

Steam blowing resulting in vapour clouds and temporary noise impacts will be carried out at Helen's Salmisaari power plant between 23 August and 6 September 2018. The cleaning is related to the major project carried out in the summer where 70 kilometres of high-pressure pipes in the steam boiler were renewed.


Smouldering fires at the Hanasaari power plant – no danger

Minor smouldering fires arising from self-ignition of coal take place from time to time in the coal storage facility of the Hanasaari power plant. A smouldering fire or the resulting smoke are not hazardous to people and do not cause an environmental risk.


A free charging station for electric cyclists in Katajanokka

Helen is providing a free charging station for electric cyclists on the Katajanokka waterfront in Helsinki. The e-bike charging station is the first of its kind in Finland and utilises solar panels and an electricity storage unit as power sources. The charging station is now open to city residents at the side of Allas Sea Pool, next to Flying Cinema.


Record volumes of solar power from Helen’s power plants

This year, record volumes of solar energy were obtained from Helen's own solar power plants at Kivikko and Suvilahti from March onwards. May was the most productive month in the solar power plants over many years.


Interim report: District cooling is expanding, new heating and cooling plant under the Esplanade Park

Helen's net sales and results showed a positive development, and the number of customers increased further.  


Cooling demand in Helsinki at a record level, underground reservoirs are utilised

Helen's district cooling production is at a record high as its customers' cooling demand has increased more than threefold from the June level. Cooling is produced at full capacity in the Katri Vala and the Esplanade heating and cooling plants and in the Salmisaari power plant. A sufficient cooling output for the customers is safeguarded with the huge underground reservoirs under the Esplanade Park and in Pasila.


Fish migration survey on the River Kymijoki continues

The survey on improving fish migration in the western tributary of the River Kymijoki, which was launched by Helen, continues in the form of fish radio telemetry studies and simulation of fish passage alternatives.


Helen, Neste, Borealis and energy companies in the Helsinki Metropolitan region to study heat recovery at two industrial facilities in Kilpilahti

Helen Ltd, Neste Oyj and Borealis Polymers Oy, in co-operation with the energy companies Fortum Power and Heat Oy, Vantaan Energia Oy and Porvoon Energia Oy – Borgå Energi Ab, will conduct a preliminary study on recovering and utilizing excess heat generated at the Neste and Borealis industrial manufacturing facilities in Kilpilahti. The study will focus on the technical and economic impacts of recovering excess heat at these facilities and recirculating it into district heating systems in


New heat pump to be built again in Helsinki

Helen is continuing its investments in the recycling of excess heat by building a new heat pump to complement the underground heating and cooling plant located in Sörnäinen. Thanks to the new heat pump, the thermal load of the Baltic Sea will be reduced considerably when the heat of the purified waste water will be recovered even more efficiently than before.


New underground heating and cooling plant utilises waste heat

Helen's underground heating and cooling plant located under the Esplanade Park has been completed, and trial operations have started. The large heat pumps produce both district heat and district cooling. They recover a significant amount of excess heat from properties for utilisation in heat production.


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