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Energy advice

Energy Gallery

Our energy exhibition on the third floor of Sähkötalo tells the story of energy and its significance, and encourages and inspires people to save energy. Energy Gallery is free of charge and open to everyone. 


Energy exhibition shows our energy consumption

The Energy Gallery offers easy, informative facts about energy, providing information about energy production in Helsinki and in Finland, Helsingin Energia’s projects and the meaning of energy for mankind. You will also get handy energy conservation tips to follow in your own home.

Visit the Energy Gallery and be inspired about the possibilities of energy saving. We also give guided tours and lectures for various groups from young schoolchildren to students and adult groups.

In the Energy Gallery, you will also be able to take home various brochures on the subject of energy.


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On weekdays at 8–18

Street address

Energy Gallery:
Kampinkuja 2 /
Malminrinne 6, 3. krs
On weekdays at 8–16