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MobilePay billing

MobilePay is a handy way to receive and pay bills on your phone. You can pay a bill with just one swipe in the same way as making other payment transactions in the MobilePay application.

How to start using MobilePay billing

1. Register as a user of MobilePay

To start using MobilePay billing, you must first register as a user of the MobilePay application.

  1. Download the MobilePay application on your smartphone
  2. Open the MobilePay application and select “Create new user”
  3. Enter your details
    • your full name (as it appears on your ID card) and personal identity code
    • your email address
    • your payment card detail
    • your account number
  4. Select a four-digit password and confirm it.

You can now start using MobilePay.

2. Select MobilePay as the billing method

  1. Select MobilePay as the billing method when you open an electricity contract on our website or in customer service.
    • If you are already our customer, you can change MobilePay as your billing method by contacting our customer service.
  2. Please make sure that the name on your electricity contract is the same official name as in the MobilePay application.
  3. Also check that the selected card payment limits enable payment of the electricity bill. This is also worth taking into account when selecting the billing frequency.
  4. By activating push notifications you will receive alerts about upcoming bills. Also make sure that notifications are enabled in both the MobilePay application and on your phone.

In future, you will receive your electricity bills for payment with MobilePay.

Paying a bill on MobilePay

  1. Once you have received a bill, please select the card you want to use for payment.
  2. Pay the electricity bill by swiping in the same way as when accepting other payment transactions on MobilePay.
  3. The payment will be charged immediately unless you select the bill due date or another payment date on the “Pay the bill” page when approving the transaction.

The address for sending the bills is the telephone number on which you are using MobilePay. If we are unable to send the bill to MobilePay, we will send it to you as a paper bill.

Frequently asked questions about MobilePay billing

If you want to receive notifications about new bills or upcoming due dates, please make sure that notifications have been enabled on both the MobilePay application and on your phone.

The most common reason is that the details of the electricity contract and on MobilePay do not match. The electricity contract must be on the same name as the registered name of the MobilePay application (first name and last name), and the telephone number on which you are using MobilePay must be entered in the billing details of the electricity contract.

Please tell our customer services if your telephone number changes.

If we are unable to send your bill to MobilePay, for example, because the name details do not match, we will send it to you as a paper bill. We always send non-chargeable bills, i.e. refund or transfer bills, in paper format to customers who have selected MobilePay as the billing method.

You can change the due date of the bill on MobilePay in the same way as with other billing methods. Please read the instructions on changing the payment date.