Electricity for companies

Spot contract

Market-priced electricity at all times from the Nord Pool electricity exchange. 

  • The price is quoted for every hour in the Nordic electricity exchange. See the price trend.
  • There may be high fluctuations in price.
  • You will not pay any risk premiums in the price of your electricity as they are included in the price in fixed-priced electricity contracts.
  • You can easily change your Spot contract to another electricity contract with only a two-week period of notice.

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  The Spot contract is especially suitable for companies whose electricity consumption is stable, taking place at favourably priced periods
  Your company can choose when to use electricity
  Your company has risk tolerance in case of variations in the price of electricity and an opportunity to monitor market prices

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Why Helen?

  Best customer experience in the field
  Sustainably low prices
  Monitoring and reporting of the electricity consumption of all of your company’s metering points in almost real time

Origin of electricity

Learn about the origin and specific emissions of all electricity sold by us.