Terms of the contract - Spot Electricity

The contract and prices are valid until further notice. Energy price is based on the hourly price of the Nordic Power Exchange to which a margin is added. In addition, a monthly basic charge is charged.

The contract enters into force according to the start date notified to Helen by the distribution system operator. If the customer's valid fixed-term contract prevents the contract from entering into force on the desired date, the start of the new contract will be moved to the end of the current fixed-term contract, however, no more later than 6 months after the original preferred sales start date. Once the order has entered into force, the customer will be sent a notification of it by email.

The delivery charge is collected for all electricity delivered to the customer. If electricity use is not metered and recorded by the hour, the monthly price of electricity is calculated using the group 3 customer profile curve as determined in decision No. 491 by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Helen is not obliged to draw up a new Spotsähkö electricity contract with the same customer or to the same place of use if the previous contract period has ended less than 12 months previously.

The contract and prices are valid until further notice. The contract may be terminated by the customer with two weeks’ period of notice. The period of notice by the vendor is 30 days. The terms of electricity sales and the general price lists of Helen valid at any given time shall be applied to the contract. Value added tax will be added to the prices. The payment terms are 14 days net.

Electricity distribution and metering

Helen shall terminate the current electricity contract with the customer’s authorisation and, when necessary, draw up a new electricity network contract in the customer’s name. The distribution system operator will charge the customer for electricity distribution according to its price list. The distribution system operator is responsible for metering and its billing. If the product on offer is not suitable for the time division used by the distribution system operator or the customer’s metering system, Helen is entitled to use a suitable product. If the size of the main fuse exceeds 63 A, consumption of electricity must be metered and recorded on an hourly basis.

Delivery terms

Helen’s terms of electricity sales

Contract confirmation

The contract confirmation is sent to the customer by e-mail.

Customer data and data protection

We process personal data according to law and in a reasonable and transparent way. Further information about the processing of personal data is available at helen.fi/personaldata