Time-of-day Electricity and Seasonal Electricity

Our contracts valid until further notice available for customers with electric heating are Time-of-Day Electricity and Seasonal Electricity. 


Time-of-Day Electricity is suitable for customers who have electric heating and the metering method is based on day/night time division. The daytime electricity unit charge shall be effective on weekdays 7am-10pm. The night-time electricity unit charge shall be effective 10pm-7am.

Seasonal Electricity is meant for customers with electric heating and the metering method is based on a time division between winter weekdays and other times. The price for winter day electricity is effective between 1st of November and 31st of March, Monday to Saturday 7am to 10pm. The price for other times is effective on other times.

The contract, which is valid until further notice, may be terminated with two weeks’ notice. In both cases, we will give you plenty of notice about any changes to your electricity price.

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  • Contract: valid until further notice
  • Origin: complies with the Nordic production mix
  • Price: follows the electricity price trend
  • Who for: especially for homes with electric heating, also often for sites heated with geothermal heat.


The origin of Time-of-Day and Seasonal Electricity is based on the production mix of electricity produced in Finland, deducted by electricity produced with energy sources with a certified guarantee of origin.

Specific carbon dioxide emissions of Time-of-Day and Seasonal Electricity are 232 g/kWh and the amount of spent nuclear fuel is 1,49 mg/kWh. See also the origin and specific emissions of all sold electricity.

Energiamuoto %
Fossil sources 41
Nuclear power 52
Renewable sources 8

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