Own energy use

Consumption habits play a big part in energy consumption and comfort of living.

The key matters in terms of energy consumption are indoor temperature and the power of ventilation. Energy is also spent in the heating of domestic water and in household electricity.

Adjust temperatures with moderation

It is worth keeping an eye on the temperature in heated rooms as it wastes energy to keep the temperature at an unnecessarily high level. If a room is not in active use, it is advisable to set the temperature at a lower level. Temperatures can also be adjusted when the home is unoccupied. The temperature of garages and storerooms can often be kept at only a few degrees, which can be momentarily increased if necessary.

Ventilation works even at a low speed

Ventilation is an important issue, but it is not necessary to keep it at an unnecessarily high speed. Most of the time the air volume is exchanged at lower speeds in areas with mechanical ventilation. The settings can be reduced when the home is unoccupied and, correspondingly, increased when the sauna is switched on or during cooking. In a natural ventilation system, it is worth adjusting exhaust valves down during extremely cold spells and restored once the weather warms up.  Exhaust valves in apartment blocks should not be touched.

Your habits have an impact on consumption

The heating of domestic water also takes up energy, the majority of which is used in the shower. Therefore, it is a good idea to pay attention to the length of time you spend in the shower. It is also worth thinking how long you let the hot water run.

Household electricity includes the energy spent on lighting, consumer electronics, cooking, clothing care, sauna, and other appliances. It is also advisable to check that appliances are not switched on when they are not in use. When replacing appliances, please note their energy class.

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