Renewable district heating

By choosing renewable district heat for your home, you can reduce your carbon footprint easily for just a small extra fee.

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Upgrade your heating to zero emissions

By choosing Renewable district heating, you can easily and affordably reduce your carbon footprint. You get district heating produced locally from renewable energy sources for a monthly price of a few euros.

With Renewable district heating, you contribute to climate-neutral energy production in Helsinki. 

With the help of Renewable district heating, you can easily upgrade your home's heating to zero-emission for € 3.40 / month.

Together towards carbon neutrality

With the help of our Renewable district heating customers, we have already been able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Helsinki by a total of 52,520 tonnes. The amount is equal to the annual emissions of more than 24,000 passenger cars.

In a standard apartment building, Renewable district heating reduces your CO2 emissions by 1,100 kg per year, which is equivalent to 7,100 kilometers of driving.

We are constantly developing our carbon-neutral energy production and keeping our customers on the road to a new, cleaner energy era.

We offer renewable district heating to your home at the price of 1,70 €/month

The price includes 24 % value added tax. The contract is continuous.

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Frequently asked questions about Renewable District Heat

In the following, you can find answers to frequently asked questions about Renewable District Heat.

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When you order Renewable District Heat, we produce the amount of district heat you consume from the residual heat of purified waste water in the Katri Vala heating and cooling plant in Sörnäinen.

When you choose Renewable District Heat, you will reduce your carbon footprint in an easy and low-cost way. You will receive locally produced district heat generated with renewable energy sources for a monthly fee of just a few euros. By ordering Renewable District Heat, you can also help to advance climate neutral energy production in Helsinki. 

We produce Renewable District Heating with renewable energy sources: our heating and cooling plant utilises the waste water of the Viikki wastewater treatment plant for producing district heating, and the electricity consumed for it is procured as certified hydropower. The specific CO2 emissions of Renewable District Heating are 0g/kWh.

In accordance with the EU directive on renewable energy sources, RED II, which was approved in 2018, waste water is classified as a renewable energy source if the heat pump is sufficiently energy efficient. Helen’s heat pumps meet the conditions set out in the directive.

Almost all apartment blocks in Helsinki are heated with district heat. Therefore, it is very likely that you are a district heat user if you live in an apartment block. If you want to find out whether your home is heated with district heat, you can call our district heat customer service on 09 617 8014 or send us an email to

The price of Renewable District Heat is added as an extra fee on top of the price of normal district heat. For example, the production costs of renewable energy, the fuel costs of renewable energy sources, the cost of maintaining the product, and value added tax have been taken into account in the price of the product.

Customers living in a detached home can buy renewable district heat for exactly the amount of their metered consumption. Detached homes have an energy consumption meter, on the basis of which the district heat is billed. Customers living in a detached home can request an offer based on metered district heat consumption by email.

Contract issues

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You need not do anything because the heat contract has been drawn up with the housing company. Households in apartment blocks and terraced houses do not have a district heat contract with Helen as they pay a fixed sum for district heat each month in connection with the management charge or rent to the housing company that has drawn up the district heat contract. With this product, you will secure part of renewable heat production for yourself, and it has no impact on the heat contract signed with the housing company.

You can draw up a separate contract on Renewable District Heat. Your current heat contract will remain unchanged.

When you move to a new address, please tell our customer service so that we can update your contract to suit your new home. If you move out of Helsinki, you are entitled to cancel your contract.