Heat for businesses and properties

District heating for companies

District heating is a carefree, energy-efficient and economic way of heating. That is why it is suitable for every company based in Helsinki. 

  • Energy-efficient urban heat

    In the urban environment, CHP with its energy efficiency is an unrivalled way of heating and cooling properties and generating electricity. It accounts for over 90 per cent of heating in the capital.

    The favourable price and energy-efficiency of district heat is based on combined heat and power (CHP) generation operating at an efficiency rate of over 90 per cent.


  • Awarded expertise

    Our district heat is awarded for its energy efficiency, for long-standing, active and systematic development of district heating operations, and for solutions to mitigate climate change. 

  • Heating method of the future

    We are carrying out systematic work to develop the district heating system, and we are strongly involved in the promotion of reducing property-specific consumption.

    We take active part in the development of these heating solutions based on smart energy systems. New heating solutions serve both the environment and energy efficiency.

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