Heat for businesses and properties

District heating equipment

When you join district heating, you will also need district heating equipment, which is acquired separately. The equipment must be acquired from the manufacturer of heat distribution centres. 

The heat distribution centre located in the technical utility room must have a heat exchanger for heating and utility water as well as a potential ventilation exchanger, regulators, pumps, expanders and safety and relief devices, temperature and pressure gauges as well as shut-off valves.

Energy industry: Correct use of district heat 

Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval specialises in three core technologies: heat transfer, separation and fluid handling technologies. Alfa Laval develops economical and efficient heat distribution centres for family houses, terraced houses and medium-sized buildings. The company provides user-friendly cutting-edge technology and reliable partnerships in heat exchange.


Danfoss manufactures heat distribution centres of different sizes for the use of district heating and cooling in all building sizes. The package includes thorough designing, the manufacturing process and tested components. The highly professional sales staff will help customers choose the comprehensively best solution to match their demands and choices.


Gebwell heat distribution centres are efficient, reliable and made in Finland. The equipment is suitable for new and old buildings, and it is dimensioned for each individual building separately. The heat exchanger has a five-year guarantee in district heating in Finland. All auxiliary equipment has a two-year guarantee.


Högfors heat distribution centre’s heat exchange and processing capabilities are excellent. The heat exchangers of Högfors GST Unis heat distribution centre have a five-year guarantee in district heating use in Finland. The guarantee for auxiliary equipment is two years. Högfors offers a long guarantee with short delivery times.


Kaukora Oy has over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of district heating equipment. Jäspi district heating is a safe, reliable and easy-to-use alternative for heating a family house.


P.O.B. TECH's high-quality heat distribution centres are designed for district heating of apartments, commercial and industrial properties etc. The heat distribution centres are suitable for new buildings, as well as old ones changing their heating method. P.O.B. TECH provides solutions tailor-made for each customer’s needs. The customer's usage needs and space are taken into account.


WTT Onda’s heating substations are suitable for properties of all sizes. Due to the compact structure, it is suitable for both new and old buildings. The strong structure of the frame is also beneficial during installation.