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Equipment replacement

We provide our customers a free management and planning service for equipment replacement. The service ensures that the replacement of your district heating equipment is carried out with utmost quality. 

Ordering replacement equipment

In connection with the replacement of equipment, our experts will draw up a plan with you for keeping the costs and time schedule at a suitable level. Your new district heating equipment will be inspected by us before it is delivered to you. Well planned in advance, equipment replacement can be carried out without lengthy interruptions to heating – at any time of the year and even in one working day.

With the planning and management service for equipment replacement, you will get individual equipment dimensioning, which is required for new district heating equipment. We also help in choosing the best time to carry out the replacement and in selecting the contractor and new equipment. Our experts inspect the equipment plans and installation and ensure reliable commissioning of the new equipment.

The need for new equipment is assessed separately in each case. Usually, replacement is required in the case of equipment that is over 20 years old or when replacement is more cost effective than maintaining old equipment.

Please contact our customer service tel. 09 617 2976.