Terms of supply for renewable district heat

The prices and terms are valid as from 19 August 2015.

The Renewable District Heat energy product is meant for consumer customers living in a property connected to the district heating network of Helen Ltd. A consumer customer is a natural person who acquires the product primarily for a use other than business or trade.

For a monthly fee, our customers will receive an agreed part of their district heat produced with renewable energy sources. Helen Ltd reserves annually the equivalent of 2,000 kWh of district heat produced with renewable energy sources. Helen Ltd is responsible for verifying the origin of its production.


The prices are valid until further notice. The prices include value added tax and comply with the public price list valid at any given time.

Delivery time and contract period

The product is available in the district heat availability area of Helen Ltd. The contract is drawn up electronically or verbally. The contract enters into force on receipt of the confirmation of contract. The confirmation is deemed to have been received with immediate effect if sent electronically and within 7 days if sent by post. The order confirmation states the time when the contract enters into force, and it contains the individual terms of contract, these terms, price lists and the consumer's comment period. The contract is valid until further notice.

The period of notice for the customer and Helen Ltd is 30 days. The contract will expire as a result of cancellation or termination. The parties are entitled to cancel the contract if one party is in material breach of their contractual obligations and will not rectify the breach within a reasonable period notified in writing.


Billing takes place in connection with the billing of the customer's regular electricity contract. If the customer is not Helen Ltd.'s electricity contract customer, they will be sent a bill for the product four (4) times a year. The customer is obliged to pay the bill by the due date stated on the bill. A period of at least two weeks must be left between sending the bill and the due date. The bill is sent to the billing address provided by the customer. The customer is responsible for paying the bill regardless of the address to which they have requested the bill to be sent. Helen Ltd reserves the right to charge interest on arrears for any late payments in accordance with the Interest Act, starting from the due date.

A reminder, which is subject to a charge, cannot be sent until two weeks after the original due date at the earliest. A reminder fee for sending a written payment reminder may be charged according to the valid price list. The customer is obliged to notify of any changes having an impact on the contract with respect to, for example, the customer or the billing address or another address that the contracting parties have agreed to be used for sending confirmation, price change and other notifications by Helen Ltd. The customer may not transfer the contract to a third party. Helen Ltd reserves the right to transfer the contract to another seller. The customer must be notified of the transfer in connection with the first bill at the latest.

Right to cancel the contract in distance selling by virtue of the consumer protection act

According to the Consumer Protection Act, the customer is entitled to cancel the contract within 14 days. The time limit for cancelling the contract ends after 14 days from drawing up the contract. In order to use the right to cancel the contract, the customer must notify Helen Ltd (name, metering point address, metering point number and, if available, telephone number and email address) of their decision to cancel the contract in an unambiguous way (for example, by sending a letter by post or by email). To comply with the time limit for cancellation, it is sufficient that the notification on using the right to cancel is sent before the end of the cancellation period. The contract will be deemed to have been cancelled once Helen Ltd has received the cancellation notification.

Amending the terms of contract and prices

Helen Ltd reserves the right to change the terms of contract and prices if there is a special reason for it, owing to a material change in circumstances or a review of outdated contract and pricing arrangements. Helen Ltd shall send the customer a notification of how and when the prices or other terms of contract will change and the reason for the change. The notification shall also state whether the customer is entitled to terminate the contract. If the reason for the change is other than an amendment to legislation or a decision by the authorities, the change may take effect at the earliest one month after sending the notification. The notification is primarily sent by email, but it can also be sent to the customer's billing address or to another, separately agreed address. The notification may be enclosed with, for example, the bill sent to the customer.

Helen Ltd reserves the right to change the prices and other terms of contract as from the day when the change or decision enters into force if the change is based on an amendment to legislation or a decision by the authorities, which Helen Ltd has not been able to take into account when drawing up the contract. Helen Ltd is also entitled to change prices and other terms of contract on the basis of legislation or a decision by the authorities that has been known at the time of drawing up the contract provided that the increase or change of the terms will not substantially change the principal contents of the contract. Helen Ltd reserves the right to make minor changes to the terms of contract that do not affect the principal contents of the contractual relationship.

Settlement of disputes

Disputes arising from the contract shall be settled in the Helsinki District Court. However, the customer is always entitled to bring an action before a district court of their place of residence in Finland or refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board.

Other terms and conditions

There is only a limited number of products available. Helen Ltd reserves the right to limit the number of products available for sale to five per one metering point of a property or apartment. If Helen Ltd is unable to reserve 2,000 kWh of customer-specific renewable district heat per year, the continuation of the contract shall be agreed on separately with the customer.