Remote survey of installation readiness for charging points

A remote survey is an effortless way to find out the property's capacity for installing charging points for electric vehicles. We examine the property's power data to compile a concise report in support of acquiring charging points. Please note that currently we only provide remote surveys for housing companies with 10 or more parking spaces.

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The report provides a clear picture of the property's capacity

The report we have drawn up on the basis of the remote survey explains with a single view how many charging points can be installed at the property

  • directly without having to make changes to the electricity system
  • with minor alteration work to the electricity connection of the car park
  • with alteration work to the property's electricity switchboard
  • by strengthening the property's main electricity connection and possibly carrying out substantial alteration work to the property's electricity system

The results of the report apply to the charging points supplied and installed by Helen.

Order and price of the remote survey

The remote survey is available for housing companies with 10 or more parking spaces throughout Finland. We will acquire the property's power data for the report from the distribution system operator with the permission of the customer. The orderer must be the chairman of the board of directors or the housing manager of the housing company.

The price of the report is €200/property (0% VAT).

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Our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to the remote survey. Just email us at Our customer services will help you at 09 617 8080 on weekdays between 8am and 6pm.

Frequently asked questions about the remote survey of the installation readiness of charging points

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With the remote survey, the housing company can find out how many charging points can be safely installed at the property.

The report includes a calculation of the property's current capacity and calculations about the implementation options for the charging points. The report will provide an answer to the question: How many charging points can be currently installed at the property and which measures are needed to increase the number of charging points?

Helen's expert will carry out the calculation of the charging capacity on the basis of information obtained from the distribution system operator. The number of charging points is based on the dimensioning of equipment delivered by Helen.

The remote survey report can be used in support of planning the acquisition of electric vehicle charging points in the housing company. The report helps in taking any future costs into account and in building an operating model that is equal for all residents of the housing company. It is easier to acquire the first charging point when you already have a clear operating model.

The residents can propose to the Board of Directors of the housing company that a remote survey be ordered so that the housing company can make plans for the acquisition of charging points.