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Helen offers housing companies a diverse and wide range of heat products, including district heat, geothermal heat, as well as heating solutions and supplementary extra services that improve the efficiency of energy use. Helen has the best heating form exactly for your housing company’s needs, bringing stability and predictability to your everyday life.

District heat

District heat is a stable, carefree and reliable heating solution that is suitable for all types of properties. The use of district heat is simple, the life cycle of the equipment is long, and it does not need much maintenance. Helen’s security of district heat supply is among the best in the world. District heating is a sustainable choice of heating in urban areas, and it also operates reliably together with other heating forms and energy efficiency solutions.


Fixed-priced district heat

The energy prices of the price periods for Fixed-Priced District Heat remain unchanged for three years. The predictable energy price makes it easier to budget in heating costs. Suitable for customers looking for predictability. The contract for Fixed-Priced District Heat is drawn up for a fixed term of 36 months. The contract also includes the fixed contracted water flow fee.


Seasonably priced district heat

The price of seasonably priced district heat is determined according to the customer’s consumption on the basis of prices in the heating season. There are four price periods: winter, spring, summer, and autumn when the energy fee is updated. The contract also includes the fixed contracted water flow fee.

Upgrade a property to eco-friendly heating 

Eco Heat Flow

By upgrading heating to Eco Heat Flow, you reduce the property’s carbon footprint in a concrete way and contribute to the production of local, zero-carbon energy. The origin of heat is certified with guarantees of origin for renewable heat and waste heat, granted by Energy Authority. A small extra fee for Eco Heat Flow is added on top of the normal district heat contract prices. 

Eco Heat Bio

By upgrading heating to Eco Heat Bio, you reduce the property’s carbon footprint in a concrete way and contribute to local renewable energy production. The origin of heat is certified with a guarantee of origin for renewable heat granted by Energy Authority.​ A small extra fee for Eco Heat Bio is added on top of the normal district heat contract prices.

Supplement district heat with energy-efficient solutions

Exhaust air heat pump

Save in heating costs and utilise waste heat efficiently in heating the property and service water with the aid of an exhaust air heat pump. An exhaust air heat pump is a cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of a current district heating system.

Smart district heating substation

The housing company gets a smart district heating substation installed and maintained for a fixed monthly fee. Predictive maintenance enables rapid fault detection and repair. An effortless and easy way to renew the district heating substation without investment.

Supplementary services in district heating


The Kiinteistövahti service guarantees stable heating conditions in every dwelling while saving energy at the same time. Kiinteistövahti offers data-based information on dwelling-specific temperature, air humidity and outdoor temperature and makes suggestions to the heating system controls.

Adjustment of the radiator network

With the adjustment of the radiator network, you ensure the functioning of radiators and an even distribution of heating to every home, which keeps unnecessary costs in check. This supplementary service includes the design and regulation work of basic adjustment, and the replacement of components needed in the network.

Geothermal heat

Geothermal heat is an ecological heating solution with a stable price. It is suitable for even surprising locations, such as city centres. Geothermal heat can be repaid without increasing the total maintenance charge of the housing company because the thermal energy obtained from underground is free. The efficiency of the geothermal heating system can be improved with heat recovery that further improves the energy efficiency of the building and reduces the number of geothermal bore holes to be drilled.


Own geothermal heat

A tailored, individual geothermal heating system for housing companies as a turnkey delivery. You will get clear information about the total cost of the project and its implementation phases and schedule – Helen will take care of its smooth implementation. A correctly dimensioned system with high quality of implementation will pay itself back and provide significant savings for the housing company.


Geothermal heat as a service

An environmentally friendly heat product with a stable price without investment by the housing company. The housing company will get a geothermal heating system and we will take care of its operation. Predictable costs make budgeting easy for the housing company, and there will be no unexpected repair costs. After the contract period (20 years) the housing company can choose whether to carry on with the carefree service or buy the system for itself at the price of one month’s service fee.

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