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District heat keeps pathways, yards and ramps free of ice and snow

  • Snow does not accumulate on pathways, and they remain dry.
  • Winter maintenance becomes easier – no need for expensive snow clearance and transport or gritting.

  • The surface of the pathway remains free of ice, snow, and slush even during the winter.

  • Walking is safer.

  • Keeping areas clear of ice and snow with district heat is energy efficient.

  • Installing a system for keeping areas clear of ice and snow is a cost-efficient investment that reduces the winter maintenance costs of your building year after year.

Take advantage of district heat in underfloor heating and keeping yards clear of ice and snow

Benefits of underfloor heating with water circulation

  • The energy and life cycle costs of the building are reduced significantly.

  • The most energy efficient way to implement underfloor heating in a building with district heating.

  • Easy to install both during renovation and in new buildings.

  • The equipment does not require much space, no visible heating equipment.

  • Even and comfortable heat, easily adjustable.

  • Wet areas remain dry, no water damage.

You should take the opportunity to prepare for underfloor heating with water circulation in connection with plumbing renovation, even if you do not implement it immediately.


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