Pricing of geothermal heat

On this page, you will find information about factors having an impact on the price of a geothermal heating solution and different ways of acquiring geothermal heat. A geothermal heating solution can be acquired either as the housing company’s own system or as a service with a monthly fee without a loan burden, and with or without heat recovery. Heat recovery in connection with the geothermal heating solution improves the utilisation of the property’s energy flows and reduces the number of geothermal boreholes required, which also reduces borehole drilling costs.

Factors having an impact on the price of geothermal heat solution

  • The design of the geothermal heat solution, the selected equipment and the well field

The geothermal heating solution is always designed according to the individual specifications of each housing company. The total price of the solution is mostly affected by the number of contracts and the geothermal wells to be drilled, as well as by the selected equipment, which may be either traditional geothermal heating or geothermal heating with heat recovery, depending on the housing company. Heat recovery as part of the geothermal heating solution reduces the number of geothermal wells to be drilled, which will also reduce the drilling costs and enable efficient utilisation of the energy flows of the property.

Increasing the size of the housing company’s electricity connection and modifications of the main and distribution centre also have an impact on the total cost. The equipment may also require changes in the required space, the implementation costs of which are taken into account in the total price.

  • Operating costs of a geothermal heat solution

The equipment of a geothermal heating solution uses electricity to operate, and this is taken into account in the life-cycle calculation made for the housing company. As a general rule, a geothermal heating solution always consumes one unit of electricity per three heat units produced. Through Helen, the housing company will always receive an electricity contract suitable for a geothermal heating solution for the whole property, in which the increased electricity demand has already been taken into account.

  • Remote control and annual maintenance of a geothermal heat solution

It is advisable to control the operation of a geothermal heat solution remotely. That way, any operational disturbances are detected and they can be repaired before they have an impact on the savings gained. In addition, the condition and operation of the equipment must also be ensured annually, for example, in connection with annual maintenance. The estimate made by a professional also states any forthcoming maintenance measures proactively in order to take good care of the life cycle of the equipment.

Helen offers an extensive warranty for the geothermal heat systems it implements and, when maintained correctly, the equipment of the system has a very long life. With the monitoring and maintenance service, the housing company ensures that Helen’s professionals take care of the maintenance system’s operation 24/7 and carry out regular annual maintenance on the equipment. The housing company will also receive an annual report for presenting the key benefits of the geothermal heat system, e.g. in the board meeting.

Two ways of acquiring a geothermal heat solution for a housing company

The housing company can decide whether to acquire the geothermal heating solution through Helen to be owned by the housing company or as a service with a monthly fee without investment by the housing company. The efficiency of the solutions can be increased with a heat recovery system that improves energy efficiency, depending on the housing company’s needs.

Own geothermal heat

A tailored, individual geothermal heating system for housing companies as a turnkey delivery. You will get clear information about the total costs of the project and its implementation phases and schedule – Helen will take care of its smooth implementation. A correctly dimensioned system with high quality of implementation will pay itself back and provide significant savings for the housing company. We recommend the monitoring and maintenance service as a supplementary service.

Geothermal heat as a service

An environmentally friendly heat product with a stable price without investment by the housing company. The housing company will get a geothermal heating system and we will take care of its operation. Predictable costs make budgeting easy for the housing company, and there will be no unexpected repair costs. After the contract period (20 years) the housing company can choose whether to carry on with the carefree service or buy the system for itself at the price of one month’s service fee.

  Own geothermal heat Geothermal heat as a service
Investment by the housing company


Includes design, equipment and implementation as a turnkey delivery x x
Housing company can utilise geothermal cooling x x
Heat recovery can be added as part of the solution
x x
Reduces the housing company’s emissions x x
Can be implemented in connection with energy renovation x x
Helen is responsible for the equipment   x
Remote control, optimisation and regular annual maintenance of the system Monitoring and maintenance service is recommended for housing companies x
Covers all repairs and fault situations   x