High power charging system for EVs built in Pirkanhovi

Teboil and Helen enter into cooperation in the charging of electric vehicles (EVs). At the beginning of December, EV drivers are able to take advantage of a new, extremely fast charging device along the busy Helsinki‒Tampere highway. Teboil aims to offer the best place to stop regardless of the vehicle’s motive power. At Helen’s public charging points, EVs are charged with renewable wind power.

- The world is changing at a continuous pace, and we are also changing, i.e. Teboil is now diversifying in terms of electricity. From the beginning of December, EV drivers are able to take advantage of a new, exceptionally fast charging device. The car is charged in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. It’s great to be able to start cooperation with top professionals in the field, says Teboil’s Head of Retail Mikko Rauhanen.

High power charging system is able to charge up to 150km of range in 10 minutes

The high power charging in Teboil Pirkanhovi improves transparency in the cost of using electric vehicles. Pricing is shown separately on the advertising pylons of the service station. Fast charging is more expensive than home charging because investments in high power chargers are also higher. Therefore, EV drivers pay “extra” for a fast charging time, but they can get back on the road quickly.

-We are expanding our public charging network throughout the country. More charging stations are being built constantly, especially in transport hubs and in largest towns. At the moment, there are already 250 charging points available for EV drivers, and the target is to install more than 1,000 charging points by 2025, says Jere Jokinen, Helen’s Product Group Manager, E-Mobility.

Helen’s vision is to grow into a leading provider of charging services. Helen is accelerating the future of e-mobility in the form of charging services and solutions. Teboil is interested in cooperation also in the future, and it regards these kinds of services as factors that diversify its operations. The 300-kW high power charging system at Teboil Pirkanhovi is supplied by Kempower based in Lahti. The high power charging system includes six charging points with a maximum charging power of 150 kW for one car.

Published: 13.12.2021 15:38