Kivikko solar power plants terms and conditions

Kivikko designated panels, prices and terms as from 4 June 2015

The designated panel scheme is intended for customers who have an electricity contract with Helen Ltd. If the customer has no electricity contract with Helen, this is set up separately.

The contract and prices remain in force until further notice. The contract may be terminated by giving two weeks’ notice. The prices are inclusive of VAT and correspond to the public price list valid at any given time.


For a monthly charge, the customer receives the output of a single panel. The value of the panel’s electricity output is deducted from the customer’s monthly charge in accordance with the price of Helen’s Exchange Electricity product currently in force. The nominal output of a single panel is 285 W. The output of a panel varies with the weather conditions, and the estimated annual output of a single panel in about 230 kWh. The output is certified with guarantees of origin.

Price: The price of the solar electricity from the designated panel consists of a monthly charge of EUR 4.40 / mth inclusive of VAT at 24% (EUR 3.55 / mth VAT 0%), from which is deducted the value of the panel’s electricity production in accordance with the price of Helen’s Exchange Electricity product valid at any given time. The monthly charge of the Exchange Electricity product is not part of the credit.


The billing for the designated panel starts on the completion of the solar power plant 1 March 2015. In the event of the completion of the solar power plant being delayed, the start of the billing is put back accordingly. The billing takes place in conjunction with the billing for the customer’s actual electricity contract.


Helen retains the right to limit the number of designated panels to five per customer.


Relevant parts of Helen’s Terms of Electricity Sales / Electricity Supply


Under the Consumer Protection Act, the customer has the right to cancel a contract within 14 days. The cancellation deadline is 14 days after the contract is signed. To exercise the right to cancel, customers must give notice [name, address of place of use, number of place of use, and, if available, telephone number and email address] of their decision to cancel the contract in an unambiguous manner (e.g. by letter or email).

The customer may also use the cancellation form sent with the confirmation of contract, but this is not compulsory. To comply with the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient if the customer sends the notice of exercising the right to cancel before the cancellation deadline.


When we have received the notice of cancellation, the contract is terminated. If the contract is signed in a change-of-address situation at the customer’s specific request to start in less than 14 days (or before the cancellation deadline), the customer is obliged to pay the price specified in the contract for any electricity used before the contract was cancelled.


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