AGOO Festival

7.7. - 8.7.2017 @ Kasarmipuisto, Kulttuuritalo Fanny, Korsholmanpuistikko 6 (Kasarmi 13), Vaasa

Hakemus: 1500 €

This year's edition of AGOO Festival features artists such as The Slag Brick Project, The Bäghdad Band, Marianne Maans and Lamine Cissokho.

AGOO Festival – a crusted multicultural festival which through dancing and music performances informs the community on the decent strides we as a people need to help build an orderly, all inclusive society. All of the performances and workshops at AGOO Festival are family-friendly. The kids also get to enjoy plenty of their own program under the guidance of art teachers for children.

AGOO Festival offers interesting activities for people of all ages; beautiful choreographic dance moves, workshops, arts, exhibitions and many times touching musical rhythms and interludes builds bridges between people. AGOO Festival is a timely one to feast on – initiating our hosts to cultures unique and define. Hence, the following program will help achieve and enhance our belief of using this festival to bring everyone together. At the festival area you find a market square where you can buy colorful clothes and ornaments and festival restaurant that offers fresh, tasty and exotic flavours. Festival entrance is FREE. If desired, however, it is possible to pay a voluntary entrance fee.


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