Choose emission-free heating

When you choose Recycled Heat, the heating of your property will be emission-free without the need for renovation.

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Electricity for companies

Make new electricity contract easily! You can get electricity contract from Helen to anywhere in Finland. In addition to smaller and larger companies, we sell electricity for households and housing companies.

Solar power plants

Choose a solar power plant with a tailor-made cooperation model for your company, e.g. a plant completely without investments or commitment of resources.

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Electricity storage

With electricity storage, you will gain the best advantage of the energy you have produced yourself while safeguarding the supply of electricity in all situations.

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Disruptions in district heat and cooling distribution

In Helen we are responsible for disruptions and construction sites related to district heat and cooling.

Information about disruptions

Disruptions in electricity distribution

Helen Electricity Network is responsible for status updates regarding disruptions in electricity distribution.

Power cuts on a map (Finnish)

We are one of Finland's largest companies offering electricity and new energy solutions

Helen Ltd’s energy production is awarded as the most efficient in the world. We aim to achieve 100% carbon neutrality in our energy production. We have over 550,000 customers throughout Finland.

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Electricity, heating and cooling for companies

Buy electricity

We offer competitively priced electricity, good service and varied customer benefits at all times. If you are looking for the best electricity contract for your business, take a look at our options.


Electricity that we produce is distributed with the electricity network. Helen Electricity Network Ltd is responsible for electricity transmission and distribution in almost the entire Helsinki region.

District heating

District heating is a carefree and economical heating system, which is suitable for all businesses. District heating is the most popular form of heating in Helsinki. 


When it is freezing cold or stifling hot outside, both customers and employees appreciate a comfortable temperature indoors. Cooling is suitable for offices, business properties and special facilities.