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Make new electricity contract easily! You can get electricity contract from Helen to anywhere in Finland. We sell electricity for households, companies and housing companies.

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Get new electricity contract instantly, and Helen will take care of terminating your old contract.

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Change of address for Helen customers

Move your existing electricity contract to your new home easily by submitting your change of address notification in Oma Helen service or by using this form.

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Helen sells electricity to anywhere in Finland.

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Disruptions in electricity distribution

See if there are known interruptions in the distribution of electricity.

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For more information on the disturbances in the Helsinki area, call 08001 80808 (free of charge).

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Disruptions in district heat distribution

See all the known disruption areas.
For more information on the disturbances in the Helsinki area, call 08001 80808 (free of charge).

Outdoor lightning disruptions

Call information service of the Helsinki area tel. 09 310 39000 Mon–Thu 8.15–16, Fri 9–15.

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Topical news on electricity

Energy issues are of great interest at present, and our Customer Service is exceptionally busy. On this page, we have compiled current information on the energy market and answers to our customers' most frequently asked questions.

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Electricity, heating and cooling from Helen

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Whether you are moving house or looking for the best electricity contract for you, place an order online.


Electricity that we produce is distributed to homes with the electricity network. Helen Electricity Network Ltd is responsible for electricity transmission and distribution in almost the entire Helsinki region.

District heating

District heating is a carefree and economical heating system, which is suitable for all city residents. District heating is the most popular form of heating in Helsinki. 

District cooling

Do you want to reduce your property’s carbon dioxide emissions? District cooling is an eco deed, which is suitable for cooling homes, offices, business properties and special facilities.