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Questions about billing

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Electricity distribution and electricity sales are separated from one another. Your local network company is responsible for electricity distribution and will send you a separate bill, and your selected electricity supplier will also send their own bill for the amount of electricity sold. As an exception to this, Helen offers its electricity sale customers in Helsinki a combined bill with Helen Sähköverkko.

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You can change the payment date of your electricity bill in our online service. If you are using e-invoices, please make this change also in your online bank. N.B. You can change the payment date free of charge once a year. After that, we will charge €2 for a postponement of payment date for over 14 days made through the online service and €5 when it is made by telephone. It is not possible to postpone the payment date of a bill paid by direct payment. Penalty interest is charged for bills paid after the original due date.

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You can find your electricity bills in our online service. If you haven't registered yet, you can do it via online bank. 

Electric energy on the electricity bill means the energy and service supplied by the electricity vendor.  In most cases, the billed amount of energy is based on the amount of electricity (kWh) used during the billing period.

Electricity distribution is carried out by a local electricity network company. In Helsinki, it is Helen Sähköverkko Oy. The task of the electricity network is to transmit the electricity produced in power plants to electricity users. The electricity network is maintained with the fees of the electricity distribution product. The reasonableness of distribution prices is supervised by the Energy Authority.

Electricity tax is paid for electricity consumption. The tax consists of the excise duty on electricity and  the strategic stockpile fee. The electricity network company charges the electricity tax to the customer  in connection with the distribution fee and passes the payment on to the state.

KWH Kilowatt-hour
The watt-hour (Wh) is a unit of energy equivalent to one watt of power for a period of one hour. When measuring the amount of electric energy, kilowatt-hours (kWh) are normally used. One kilowatt-hour is 1,000 watt-hours.

The price of electricity is made up of three elements: electric energy, electricity distribution service, and taxes. Electricity tax is charged in connection with the distribution price, and value added tax is charged in connection with the distribution price and sale price. Taxes account for over a third of the entire electricity bill. The electricity distribution price is made up of several di_erent elements. The distribution fee pays for the maintenance of the electricity network and investments in the new electricity grid. It also covers the cost of metering of electricity consumption. The costs of nationwide electricity transmission and electricity network losses are also met from the distribution fees charged.

An example of the breakdown of the electricity bill of an apartment with annual electricity consumption of about 2,000 kWh.

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In our free Sävel services, you can monitor the energy consumption of your home or company even by the hour. This helps you to plan and cut down on your energy use. Sävel Mobile is designed especially for mobile devices (currently in beta use).

Only electricity customers need to register in the service. The information you need for registration is found on your latest bill.

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Disruptions in electricity distribution

See if there are known interruptions in the distribution of electricity.

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For more information on the disturbances in the Helsinki area, call 08001 80808 (free of charge).

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Disruptions in district heat distribution

See all the known disruption areas.

For more information on the disturbances in the Helsinki area, call 08001 80808 (free of charge).

Outdoor lightning disruptions

Call information service of the Helsinki area tel. 09 310 39000 Mon–Thu 8.15–16, Fri 9–15.

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Electricity that we produce is distributed to homes with the electricity network. Helen Electricity Network Ltd is responsible for electricity transmission and distribution in almost the entire Helsinki region.

District heating

District heating is a carefree and economical heating system, which is suitable for all city residents. District heating is the most popular form of heating in Helsinki. 

District cooling

Do you want to reduce your property’s carbon dioxide emissions? District cooling is an eco deed, which is suitable for cooling homes, offices, business properties and special facilities.